Dublin Lord Mayor's car clamped outside Council offices

The Mayor's car clamped this afternoon
The Mayor's car clamped this afternoon

The Dublin Lord Mayor's car has been clamped outside of the Dublin City Council offices on the quays.

Only last week, Sinn Fein's Críona Ní Dhálaigh became Dublin's new Lord Mayor.

Ní Dhálaigh became the first ever Sinn Fein Lord Mayor in the capital as part of a deal agreed by all the other parties to commemorate 1916.

However, it looks like the Lord Mayor's first week in the ceremonial chains is not ending on a high as the ever vigilant city clampers have done her car.

The picture, sent into the Sunday World today, shows the 15-D-1 reg car with the yellow clamp attached right outside the council offices on the quays.

It seems even the Mayor can't escape the pesky clampers.