Dublin Bus drivers ditch Port Tunnel in radio ban row

Dublin Bus drivers ditch Port Tunnel in radio ban row

Last week Dublin Bus announced a “zero tolerance” policy, and has banned the use of FM radios whilst driving.

In a bid to protest the ban, bus drivers have refused to use the Dublin Port Tunnel.

A rep for Dublin bus has said that the drivers will be advised not to use the Port Tunnel from next week for health and safety reasons, unless the company allows them to use their radios.

In a letter to Dublin Bus, branch secretary Brian Young said the radio ban “means that in an emergency situation our members would be unable to ‘tune into FM radio stations to hear safety instructions, in case of incident’ as per the safety and user guide for Dublin’s Port Tunnel”.

Passengers are advised to expect delays, in particular on the 747, 41x, 33x and 142 routes. The drivers are said to start next Tuesday, the same day as the next Luas strike.

The National Bus and Rail Union (NBRU) has said the tunnel is frequently on lock-down because of crashes, and the radio is important for traffic and news updates.

Drivers are already refusing to cooperate - it’s believed that up to 90% of drivers use radios, but since the introduction of the ban yesterday, even more have brought them into work “as an act of defiance”.

Drivers are refusing to connect with the control room, which could weaken management's control of the services.