Dublin 4 service station has the cheapest diesel in Ireland

Prices at the pump continue to tumble
Prices at the pump continue to tumble

The price of fuel continues to fall across the country and a service station in Dublin 4 now has the joint cheapest fuel in the country.

According to, which tracks the cheapest fuel prices in Ireland, D4 Fuels, on the Northumberland Road, is selling diesel for 97.9c per litre.

That is the same price as a Gala station on Station Road in Ballina as well as a Corrib and a Texaco station in Boyle.

Just last week prices of diesel dipped below €1 in the capital for the first time as the Mount Brown Emo station in Dublin 8 started selling diesel at 99.9c.

The price of crude oil continues to tumble and that drop is finally trickling down the the pumps and the hard-pressed motorist.

Last week the average price across the country of a litre of petrol was 125.9c, with diesel at 114.9c across the country, according to

Today the average price for petrol is 121.9c per litre while diesel is at 109.9c, according to the website.

The cheapest petrol in the country is for sale in the Applegreen station on Newtown Road in Wexford where a litre is going for 113.8c.