Dog saves Irish girl and seven others from house fire

Dog saves Irish girl and seven others from house fire

A dog has saved a family after a fire broke out at their home in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The fire broke out underneath a child's bed at around 6am at the address in West Belfast.

There were no working fire alarms in the house at the time, but the family of eight were awoken by their pet dog barking in a young girls bedroom.

It is believed an extension lead connecting a mobile phone had caught fire behind the girl's headboard.

The NIFRS said the family were very lucky, and that the girl's hair would soon have caught fire before the rest of the house, had the dog not sensed danger.

Group Commander, Kevin O’Neill, said: “We are just mightily relieved that this young family, with six young children, are alive this morning.

“The house had no working smoke alarms and if it wasn’t for the fact that the dog alerted them that they had a fire in the house, I dread to think of the consequences we could have been facing.

“This fire started in an electrical socket in a plug just behind a young girl’s headboard in the bed she was sleeping in.

“She is a very lucky girl and I am just so grateful for the dog on this occasion.”