Dog named 'Trump' attacks Irish politician during constituency visit

Trump (not the one that tried to attack the councillor)
Trump (not the one that tried to attack the councillor)

A local councillor in Galway has revealed that he was recently attacked by a dog called 'Trump' while on a visit to a constituent.

The Connacht Tribune report on remarks made by Michael 'Stroke' Fahy, an Independent Councillor in Galway, at a meeting of Loughrea Municipal District Council.

Fahy said that a few weeks ago he was in a constituent's house when a dog named 'Trump' made a bid to 'jump for my throat'.

"He was a cross between an Alsation and a hound," Fahy is quoted as saying in the paper "and he was ready to jump for my throat."

Fahy added: "The dog's name was Trump. He stopped immediately when called."

Local authorities are responsible for dog control and dog wardens and Director of Services for Water, Environment & Emergency Services in Galway County Council Jim Cullen told the meeting that the dog is meant to be under the control of the owner at all times.