Do you live in what researchers say are Dublin's 'ugliest areas'?

Dublin's ugliest and prettiest areas have been ranked
Dublin's ugliest and prettiest areas have been ranked

They say 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder', unless you're living in one of Dublin's prettiest areas. In that case, 'beauty is in the hands of the land owner.'

The authors of Redrawing Dublin, architect Motti Ruimy and planner Paul Kearns, have released research which ranks the capital's most beautiful and ugly areas.

This research took in the following; the amount of traffic in the area, the percentage of land which is zoned as open space, the number of vacant and derelict properties in the area, how many protected structures are there and the number of street trees.

If you live in the Dublin 8 area of the city, then you're out of luck as the five ugliest places in the report are there.

Usher's Barn along the quays is ranked bottom, whereas Cork Street is second last.

Next on the list is The Coombe, with Dolphin's Barn and Christ Church Street fill out the bottom five.

Five ugliest areas of Dublin City

1. Usher's Island - Bridgefoot Street

2. Cork Street

3. The Coombe

4. Dolphin's Barn

5. Christ Church - High Street  

The South Georgian area of the city takes the accolade of being the prettiest place ion the list. Popular recreational spot, Portobello East took second place, while Blessington Basin, Kilmainham and Temple Bar/Dublin Castle take the rest of the top five spots.

The five prettiest areas of Dublin City

1. South Georgian City

2. Portobello East

3. Blessington Basin

4. Kilmainham

5. Temple Bar - Dublin Castle