Distressed dad tells court his son (17) is 'an absolute scumbag'

Distressed dad tells court his son (17) is 'an absolute scumbag'

A father has told a sitting of Portlaoise District Court that his 17-year-old son is 'an absolute scumbag' since he spent time in a juvenile detention centre.

The man also asked the judge to send his son to a drug treatment centre.

The Nationalist reports on the case in which the 17-year old was facing charges of taking a car from outside a house in Stradbally after robbing car keys from the house.

They quote the father who told the court: 'He is my son but I have to say that he is an absolute scumbag since he came out of prison. I don't want him in the house because of the effect he has on my younger son'.

The teen's father went on to say that after he was arrested his son spent 27 hours in the garda station and at one point he ran out under a garda car, which the teenager told the court was because he wanted to be mowed down by the patrol car.

The father went on to say he was on the verge of a 'mental breakdown' because of the impact on his other son and he did not want the teen living in his house.

The boy's mother, who is separated from the father, also said she did not want him in her home. The 17-year-old's father also said she agreed with him that their son needed drug addiction treatment.

The judge imposed a 10pm to 7am curfew and warned the boy that he would be sent to Oberstown detention centre if the curfew was broken and bailed him until next week.