Dissident republican faction linked to female assassin ends 'armed struggle'

Rose Lynch
Rose Lynch

The dissident republican faction linked to Ireland's only female assassin has announced it is to end its 'armed struggle'.

The Continuity IRA, which is linked to murderer Rose Lynch (above), made the statement today where they announced they would disband in the next three months.

“After meeting with our membership throughout the 32 counties it was decided that the opportunity now exists for the attainment of our political goals by abandoning the armed struggle,” they said in a statement published on the Limerick Leader which they said came with a recognised code word.

“We would like to thank both other Republicans and members of the clergy for their great assistance in guiding us in this decision. We know the great hurt and pain we have inflicted on communities both north and south and for that we offer our sincerest apology and hope by this action no more pain or loss will visit them,” they continued before adding that they would decommission a small amount of arms and explosives over the next few months

The faction, which was largely based in the south west of the country, was linked to Lynch, who was arrested in 2011 on her way to kill the second of six targets on a list she kept in her handbag.

She was charged with the earlier murder of David Darcy – a Dublin delivery man that the CIRA wanted dead in retaliation for the murder of their leader Liam Kenny.

Darcy, a court later heard, was a completely innocent man and was targeted after a cock-up by CIRA ‘intelligence.’

Lynch, 53, was jailed for life for the murder and will be at least 67 before she has any hope of getting her freedom back.