Disqualified drivers to be named and shamed from next year

Disqualified drivers to be named and shamed from next year

Banned drivers will be named and shamed from next year according to the Road Safety Authority.

The proposed plan will mean the names of those who have been disqualified in court from driving, having broken the law, will be printed.

RSA chief Moyagh Murdock said "We want to see a societal change, a cultural change in people's attitudes.”

"It is very unacceptable now to drink and drive but there still seems to be a societal acceptability to drive when you have been disqualified."

The move comes amid concern over conviction rates for drink-driving.

Garda Deputy Commissioner John Twomey revealed that last year 7,519 drivers were stopped and arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drink or drugs.

More than 2,100 were over the legal limit and were served with fixed penalty notices.

The Deputy Commissioner said there were 4,123 drink-driving cases completed in the courts and 3,488 drivers were convicted in 2014.

Other figures released to the committee showed that from June 22 this year, when new road traffic laws came into effect, to the end of October, gardai have used tougher powers of arrest to detain 456 disqualified drivers who were stopped while behind the wheel.