Dirty dumpers at Dublin litter black spot shamed by CCTV images

The poster put up by the council on Frankfort Cottages, a lane way just off Killarney Street
The poster put up by the council on Frankfort Cottages, a lane way just off Killarney Street

BRAZEN dumpers caught on camera now have their photographs displayed at a well-known litter blackspot.

In a new initiative designed to tackle a north inner city dumping spot, city council officials have collated CCTV images of people dumping rubbish in a laneway into a giant poster.

The poster, mounted in a laneway at Frankfort Cottages,  off Killarney Street, has already shown some results in just a few short days.

In the pictures, full refuse sacks can be seen left at the site, alongside pallets and household furniture. One man was caught on camera leaving a couch in the laneway.

John McPartlan, who works in the Dublin City Council (DCC) central area office, just yards from the laneway, said that a number of measures have been trialled in a bid to curb dumping in the area.

“This is a known litter blackspot and for about 10 years we’ve been trying everything at this location. We’ve had warning notices, CCTV… we had images of people but we weren’t able to identify them,” he told the Herald.

“We decided to put the pictures up, to let anyone who wants to look at it see who is dumping at that location.”

On Sunday, rubbish bags were seen in the alley but it is hoped that the dumping will be reduced due to the initiative.

The deterrent will be monitored and a report will be prepared for local councillors on its effectiveness.

The idea stemmed from the north inner city litter action group, which was set up two years ago to tackle the problem of illegal dumping in the area.

In the latest Irish Businesses Against Litter (IBAL) survey, the north inner city was ranked second from the bottom in a list of 40 areas around the country surveyed for their cleanliness.

Independent councillor Nial Ring welcomed the initiative.

“It seems to be having an impact so I would be encouraging more of that around the north inner city and other areas. That laneway is one of the blackspots – there are a huge number of blackspots in the inner city – but it is one of the worst ones,” he said.

The site is used as a waste collection point on Thursdays but it is illegal to leave waste there at any other time.

Attached to the CCTV images is a warning that the council “are watching” and seeking prosecutions. A ‘tip line’ for locals to report illegal dumpers is also included on the poster.

The city council’s budget for litter management is around €25m annually. In 2014, the latest date available, illegal dumping accounted for 60pc of all litter-related complaints to DCC. 

A new litter plan to tackle problems including dumping, graffiti and dog fouling has been drawn up by the council.

It includes measures such as more CCTV at blackspots and extra signage warning that people can be prosecuted for dumping their waste. Communities are also being encouraged to contribute to clean-up efforts.