'Del Boy' Hutch survives brutal prison 'shiv' attack

Derek 'Del Boy' Hutch
Derek 'Del Boy' Hutch

Notorious criminal Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch survived a shocking prison shiv attack in his cell this weekend after a gangland hitman and a violent burglar waged a bloody fight to save him.

Hutch’s attackers – including notorious Crumlin gun-for-hire Daniel Prenderville – entered his cell in Mountjoy’s C2 landing at 5.40pm on Friday evening and wrestled the 27-year-old back on to his bunk before attacking him with a shiv.

Armed with a toothbrush with razor blades melted into the handle, Prenderville and another inmate were about to begin carving Hutch up when gangland killer Craig White and violent Tipperary raider Patrick Gately entered the cell and waged a bloody punch-up in Hutch’s defence.

The latest attack on Hutch – whose uncle is notorious gangster Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch – comes just weeks after a botched shooting attempt on associates of the Kinahan crime cartel at the Red Cow Hotel in Dublin in November.

The shooting of Gary Hutch in Spain last September led to associates ordering a ‘shoot on sight’ policy against members of the Kinahan drug cartel.

A source told the Sunday World: “Hutch could easily be dead if White and Gately hadn’t gotten to him when they did.

“Prenderville and the others entered Hutch’s cell and forced him back on to his bunk.

“In fairness to Hutch he wouldn’t be the biggest, but he’s a proper street fighter and he held them off for as long as he could.

“They eventually overpowered him, got him down on the bunk and were going to carve him up when White heard the racket and ran to see what was going on.

“White’s a big lad and he grabbed them and started punching. Two other inmates also got in there and they gave the four lads who started it a right hiding before the officers stopped it.”

In the wake of the incident one of Hutch’s assailants had to be taken to hospital to be treated for lacerations.

Prenderville of Rutland Avenue, Crumlin, is serving a six-year sentence for possession of a .32 calibre Baikal semi-automatic pistol, unlawful use of a car and dangerous driving at Daletree Place, Daletree Road, Ballycullen, on September 6, 2012. 

On that occasion the Crumlin gangster was on his way to go shoot a criminal because he owed a drugs debt of more than €10,000 to the mob linked to Tallaght trafficker Paul Rice.

A source explained at the time: “Prenderville is a violent and reckless criminal who was running his own crew. His modus operandi was to collect money for gangs who were owed money.”

This is the second time in three months Hutch has been attacked in Mountjoy Prison.

In October brothers Jamie and Leon Griffin attacked him in the A-wing exercise yard after the Kinahan gang put a €10,000 hit out on his head.

Hutch received a defensive slash wound to his arms before managing to flee for his life.

That attack occurred just two weeks after Del Boy’s brother Gary was gunned down on the Costa Del Sol in a hit believed to have been carried out on the orders of the Kinahan drug cartel. 

The latest attack on Hutch comes just weeks after a botched shooting attempt on associates of the Kinahan crime cartel at the Red Cow Hotel.

Perma-tanned gangster Liam Roe miraculously escaped with his life after a would-be assassin’s gun jammed, before up to 50 associates of the Kinahan mob fled the venue in high-powered jeeps and cars.

Gardaí do not believe that Roe was a specific target, but that there is a shoot-to-kill policy on any senior gang members since the assassination of Gary Hutch in an apartment complex in Spain last September.

In 2012 Del Boy was given a 16-year sentence for his role in a botched cash van raid.

In 2011 he was sentenced to a 10-year term with four suspended for the manslaughter of Barry Maguire.

Del Boy and an accomplice stabbed the 27-year-old to death on St Stephen’s Day in 2007 in Co. Meath.

Craig White is serving life for the feud related murder of Noel Roche.

The victim was shot dead in the passenger seat of a car in Clontarf in November 2005, after attending a Phil Collins concert at the Point Depot earlier in the night.