Debt collectors chase Irish toddler (2) to pay €100 bill


A debt collection agency wrote to a two-year-old child to pay an outstanding hospital bill, it has emerged.

The toddler from Co Roscommon was personally sent the correspondence demanding payment of €100 following a visit to the A&E department at Portiuncula Hospital in Ballinasloe.

The child's distraught parents weren't able to get the local on-call medical service to make a house call when the child fell ill.

They rushed the two-year-old to the nearest emergency department at Portiuncula Hospital instead.

But because the child didn't have a referral letter from his family's GP, the child was charged the standard €100 hospital visit fee, which the parents were unable to pay.

A debt collection agency was then used to try and recoup the money

Local Fianna Fail senator Terry Leyden, who intervened on behalf of the family, raised the issue in the Seanad yesterday.

"The bill should be waived. Quite frankly, the bill has been sent to the child.

"The child is only two years old and hasn't got €100 and the family isn't in a position to pay as well," he said.

Junior Health Minister Helen McEntee confirmed the case "has been resolved favourably".