Deadly spider found in child’s playhouse

Deadly spider found in child’s playhouse

As the mind weather continues Irish householders are being warned to remain vigilant for false widow spiders.

Fears are growing as Ireland has been experiencing milder winters, that the numbers of venomous spider have been multiplying, which may lead to an increase in venomous spider attacks.

The false widow spider or Steatoda nobilis which came to the UK from the Canary Islands a hundred years ago have made a home for themselves in Ireland and are growing in population.

A bite from the false widow is rarely fatal, but can cause infections and in some cases amputations.

The biggest threat from the false widow is anaphylactic shock caused by an allergy to the venom, which has proven fatal in the past.

According to reports in today's Irish Daily Star, a reader from Crumlin in Dublin discovered a false widow in his children's playhouse in the back garden of his home. 

"I knew once I saw the spider that I needed to get rid of it from the playhouse as you certainly wouldn't want one of your kids getting bitten," he said. 

False Widow

28-year-old Eugene Murphy from Dublin spent 24 hours in intensive care after being bitten by a false widow spider.

He had to be injected twice with adrenalin after going into cardiac arrest last year.

The civil engineer was bitten three times in ten minutes by the false widow spider in the side and the shoulder.

Dublin man ends up in intensive care after false widow bite

Meanwhile a mum of four in Co Down nearly lost her leg last July following a false widow attack.

Brendan Ryan from the Irish Pest Control Association said that sightings of false widows in iReland have increased in recent years. 

"If people are worried about a build up of such spiders in their homes and gardens then the best thing they can do is give them a good clear-out to remove any areas where the spiders can multiply. 

"That means cleaning out all cobwebs from the corners of rooms, keeping your house de-cluttered, cutting back shrubs in the garden, and also bag and dispose of all grass cuttings."

Teen hospitalised after spider climbs up nightie and bites her

The false widow, whose bite has been likened to that of a bee sting, has a dark, shiny body with pale markings and a cream band on its abdomen.