David Norris says people on the dole shouldn’t be allowed buy drink

David Norris
David Norris

According to David Norris people on the dole shouldn't be allowed buy booze.

The Independent Senator told Newstalk Breakfast this morning that people on social welfare shouldn’t be allowed to buy alcohol.

Norris, who said he welcomes the introduction of minimum pricing for alcohol announced earlier this week, told Ivan Yates:

“I don’t spend my tax dollars to buy drinks for people on social welfare. I really don’t and I resent that, I think that it’s ridiculous that tax dollars are being used to fund drinking.”

When asked if he was proposing that those on social welfare shouldn’t be allowed to buy a drink he said:

“Not with tax money, no. I don’t think tax is for people to be drinking all the time, and I see them all around my area buying slabs of drinks for virtually nothing.”

The Senator’s comments come as Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) for alcohol is to be introduced from January.

This will mean that a can of beer will cost a minimum of €1.95, while a bottle of wine will be a €8.60 and a bottle of supermarket brand vodka could more than double from €13 to €28.