Daniel O'Donnell on voting 'Yes': "I think everyone should be equal"

'Yes': Daniel O'Donnell and wife Majella
'Yes': Daniel O'Donnell and wife Majella

Singer Daniel O'Donnell has said he will be voting 'Yes' in the upcoming marriage equality referendum.

The Donegal entertainer opened up about his views regarding the vote this morning on RTÉ One’s Ray D’Arcy’s show.

He said he doesn't see how a 'Yes' vote will make life any different for those who support a 'No' outcome. 

"I think everyone should be equal,” he told Ray D’Arcy earlier today. "I can’t see what a Yes vote is going to do against anybody."

He added he didn't agree with those who say children deserve both a mother and father.

"I was brought up without a father. My father died before I knew the benefit of a father. It was just my mother."

He went on to say that, while he was only speaking for himself, the 'Yes' vote will only change the lives of gay people. 

"I just feel we’re discriminating against a lot of people who feel their lives would be better," he said.  

"I can’t see anything on the other side that will be detrimental. All of the people who know they are talking about are telling us that it’s absolutely no difference who brings up the children, as love as they’re brought up in a loving environment."

He then asked the presenter what way he was going to vote, to which D'Arcy replied he couldn't say or he'd "be fired". 

"I might be fired after this, too," O'Donnell jokingly replied.