Daniel Kinahan's online support for post claiming 'media lies'

Daniel Kinahan
Daniel Kinahan

Mob boss Daniel Kinahan has endorsed a tweet that said claims about his involvement in criminality were 'lies' and 'bullshit'

The normally secretive cartel boss took to Twitter to 'like' a tweet from a fan who responded to the picture posted by boxer Paddy Barnes showing himself with Kinahan in Portugal.

Kinahan, who uses a protected Twitter account, was one of the users of the platform to like a tweet that claimed that 'media = lies speculation hearsay bullshit'.

That tweet was in response to one posted by Barnes on Twitter in which he is posing alongside the organised crime boss.

Former Olympic medallist Barnes signed for the Macklin Gym Marbella (MGM) earlier this year after going professional.

The picture Barnes posted was taken at a boxing event in Portugal and also features several other boxers and managers including Jamie Conlan, the older brother of Michael.

Paddy Barnes wrote alongside the image on his Twitter account: "Hey @djk256 didn't even know we had a picture together! Sure to cause a sh*t storm now.....".

The MGM is run by Matthew Macklin, a retired boxer and friend of Daniel Kinahan. Neither Barnes nor Macklin have any involvement in criminality.

Barnes (29) previously defended signing with the MGM label, stating "I am not a criminal".

"So if anyone wants to talk about criminality, and about Daniel Kinahan and Christy Kinahan, they should go ask them themselves.

"You're telling me that, but where's the facts and proof of it?

"You're telling me about the Kinahans. I don't know anything about the Kinahans, I only know Matthew Macklin. But what has Daniel Kinahan been convicted of?" he added.

Gardai believe that Kinahan (39) has taken over his father Christy Snr's organised crime enterprise in recent years, and was previously arrested in Spain as part of a massive operation targeting the cartel.

The MGM was also raided in August by Guardia Civil officers investigating the feud murder of Gary Hutch (33), who was shot dead in September 2015 on the orders of the Kinahan cartel.