Cyclists face being saddled with raft of fines for new infringements

Cyclists face being saddled with raft of fines for new infringements

For the first time fines for infringements by cyclists have been announced – and there are seven new ones for those on two wheels to look out for.

Fixed-charge notices will be issued to those caught out – and €40 euro will have to be paid.

Among the new infringements will be breaking a red light and not wearing proper lights during night time hours.

Others include cycling in a pedestrianized area and cycling without reasonable consideration, as well as failing to stop at a railway crossing or for a school warden.

Minister for Transport Paschal Donohoe recently said of the fines: "While the majority of cyclists obey the rules of the road, unfortunately there are some who do not. As a committed cyclist myself, I am of the view that the introduction of fixed charge notices for cyclists will increase awareness among cyclists and reinforce the message that cyclists have a responsibility in relation to obeying road traffic law.”

The fines, the minister said, can be issued at the scene without the need for court appearances.

Last year 13 cyclists were killed on Irish roads, and this year three cyclists have lost their lives. 

The following are the offences that will get you a €40 fine. 

1. Cyclist driving a pedal cycle without reasonable consideration.
2. No front lamp or rear lamp lit during lighting-up hours on a pedal cycle.
3. Cyclist proceeding into a pedestrianised street or area.
4. Cyclist proceeding past traffic lights when the red lamp is illuminated.
5. Cyclist proceeding past cycle traffic lights when red lamp is lit.
6. Cyclist failing to stop for a School Warden sign.
7. Cyclist proceeding beyond a stop line, barrier or half barrier at a railway level crossing, swing bridge or lifting bridge, when the red lamps are flashing.