Cyclist hospitalised after colliding with truck in Dublin


Gardaí are investigating after a woman in her twenties collided with a truck in Dublin during rush hour traffic this morning.

She was immediately brought to the Mater Hospital.

The incident occurred at around 8.45am at the Summerhill Parade/Portland Row junction in north Dublin.

Her injuries were described as non-life threatening.

The bike was severely damaged as it got caught between the two front wheels on the left-hand side of the truck.

Independent Councillor Nial Ring arrived at the scene minutes after the collision took place.

“There were a lot of locals there, the fire brigade and garda cars,” he told

“She was responding at the scene but didn’t look in great condition so everyone is sort of shocked.

“This area will actually be inside the new 30km/h speed zone, but this wouldn’t have made a difference at all because of rush hour traffic.”