Criminals on bail commit a staggering amount of Ireland’s crimes

Criminals on bail commit a staggering amount of Ireland’s crimes

Criminals who are released on bail are responsible for more than 115,000 serious crimes in Ireland.

According to reports in today’s Sun more than 93 killings and 237 sex attacks were committed by on bail criminals in the past ten years.

Garda killing scumbag Adrian Crevan Mackin was on bail when he gunned down Garda Tony Golden and blasted his partner Siobhan Phillips in Co Louth on Sunday night.

Ms Phillips had been the victim of domestic violence and was in the process of leaving Mackin when she was shot.

The mum-of-two is fighting for her life in intensive care in Dublin’s Beaumont Hospital.

Now the family of slain garda Jerry McCabe are calling for a radical overhaul of the Irish judicial system to stop criminals walking free from court.

Gda Jerry McCabe

The figures in today’s Sun show that 115, 428 serious offences were committed by on bail criminals over the past decade.

The shocking statistics, provided by the central statistics office, show that since 2005 93 homicides were carried out by offenders who were out on bail.

A terrifying 237 sex crimes, 55,721 thefts and 19,137 burglaries were committed by bailed suspects.

The figures show that 116 kidnappings, 5,319 robberies, 7,930 assaults, 5,336 weapons and explosives offences and a whopping 19,137 drugs offences were carried out by on bail offenders.

2,401 frauds were also detected, bringing a total of 115,428 offences committed by offenders on bail.

The Sun reports that 60,000 so-called ‘lesser’ crimes were deliberately excluded from the figures, these offences include, public order, dangerous or negligent acts and damage to property.

Another 60,00 offences against the Government, including court no-shows were left out.

It was announced during yesterday’s budget that 600 new gardai would be hired in an attempt to reign in Ireland’s growing crime problem.