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Woman 'shoots boyfriend over cold taco'

A cold taco allegedly caused the woman to pull a gun
A cold taco allegedly caused the woman to pull a gun

A woman in America reportedly shot her boyfriend after getting into a rage over a cold taco.

After stopping for food at a takeaway truck in Texas, it is thought that the woman requested that her taco be reheated.

On hearing the taco truck worker's refusal to perform this task, police said that the woman became extremely angry.

The woman's boyfriend attempted to calm his partner down but this resulted in his girlfriend pulling a gun, according to Fox News.

A police report stated that the man sustained one gunshot wound after the weapon was discharged.

However, investigators could not confirm whether the shot was deliberate or if the gun had been accidentally fired.

Due to the fact that no CCTV was operational in the area, police could not determine how the incident unfolded so charges may not be filed.

The frenzied woman's boyfriend was rushed to hospital but his injuries are thought to be non-life threatening.

It was not reported whether or not the taco survived the incident.