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Dublin woman describes terror as blood-soaked burglar rampaged through house

Dublin woman describes terror as blood-soaked burglar rampaged through house

A woman who was threatened by a burglar has spoken of her terror as he threatened to smash down the door of the bathroom in which she had locked herself.

The man had earlier smashed his way through a triple-glazed window using a wheelie bin to gain access to her cottage at Collinstown Cross in Cloghran, north County Dublin, on Friday afternoon, and cut himself badly while climbing through it.

He then bled all through the house as he searched it.

"I came home at around 4.30pm and heard the water running in the bathroom, and when I went in I could see the smashed glass and the blood," she told the Herald.

"Then I turned around and he was standing behind me. He was big and scary and covered in blood.

"He actually said I shouldn’t be there, and I wanted him to go. I said either I would go or he would go, and I locked myself in the bathroom.

"Then he started banging on the door saying he wanted my phone. He seemed to be out of it, like he was on something.

"I was terrified, and I told him the phone was outside. I opened the door and walked out and gave him the phone but he said he wanted more," she said.

"Then when he was bending down to unplug the wi-fi box, I took my chance and ran by him and out the front door.

"I jumped into my car and locked it but he came out and said he was going to take the car.

"He went back to pick up a brick or something to break the window, so I ran across the road to the neighbours and rang the gardai.

"When I came back out the car was gone so I knew he had it," the woman explained.

A call was quickly put out on garda channels and a motorcycle unit spotted the car being driven erratically in the direction of Santry.

When the garda pulled the car in, the man threatened him with a knife but was quickly overpowered and arrested.

He was detained at Ballymun garda station under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act

The 55-year-old suspect is due before court today.

The woman and her partner said they now have to get their house cleaned and sanitised by professionals due to the risk of blood-borne diseases.

"I think it will be the same with the car. We haven’t seen it yet but I would imagine there's blood in it because he was very badly cut," she said.

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