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Wife-killer Lillis to be welcomed by fortune after just 1,887 days behind bars

Free: Eamonn Lillis will be welcomed by a considerable fortune upon his release
Free: Eamonn Lillis will be welcomed by a considerable fortune upon his release

Wife-killer Eamonn Lillis is set to be released after spending just 1,887 days behind bars for the manslaughter of Celine Cawley.

The 57-year-old is set to be welcomed by a fortune and is understood to have booked a flight to England on his release.

It is reported Lillis will flee to the UK, and that he is set to enjoy a princely €1.3 million fortune waiting for him on the outside.

The money he is due stems from the wind-up of his wife's TV production company, a pension, and the sale of properties co-owned by the couple.That's about €688 for every day he spent in jail, the Independent reports. 

The house where he murdered his wife was sold for around €1 million and legally he is entitled to half of the proceeds. He was handed a cheque in October 2012. In addition to his share of the family home he also netted €358,505 after the television production company he founded with his wife was liquidated.
He also pocketed a €400,000 pension from the business, €131,500 from the sale of an investment property in Sutton and €22,000 in investment bonds. He will be free to access the money in his bank account when he is released and can do whatever he wishes with it. 
Following Lillis' conviction for manslaughter, his daughter Georgia and Celine's brother and sister fought and lost a High Court case to prevent him from getting half of the couple's assets because he was responsible for killing her. 
The thug brutally bludgeoned his wife Celine Cawley to death in their plush home in the Dublin suburb of Howth in 2008. He was sentenced to seven years in prison in February 2010 after being found guilty of the manslaughter of his wife. He was cleared of the charge of murder.
In December 2008, Gardai arrived at the family home on Windgate Road and found Lillis standing over his wife's body.
He claimed that she was killed by an intruder but his amateurish tale unravelled and his bloody clothes were found hidden in the attic. It emerged Celine had died from blows to the head with a brick. 
Gardai quickly established that Lillis and his wife had began a quarrel which ended violently. Investigators grilled Lillis about his affair with a masseuse but he denied the relationship had anything to do with the row. 
After hours of deliberation he was found guilty of manslaughter. He was sentenced to seven years in 2010 but was considered a model prisoner and served just over five years.