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We expose the four man hit squad behind the string of bloody killings

Two thugs from the hit squad
Two thugs from the hit squad

THE SAME four-man murder cell carried out the gangland hits on Eddie Hutch, Gareth Hutch, Noel Duggan – and also attempted to shoot Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch in Lanzarote, the Sunday World can reveal today.

And the ruthless death squad responsible for the murders of the Monk’s brother, best friend and nephew are based in his Dublin north inner-city heartland, our investigation has discovered.

The hit team – made up of two brothers, an INLA bomb-maker and another violent associate – have pocketed €400,000 for their murder spree, underworld sources say.

They are also believed to have carried out at least one other feud-related murder, bringing their death toll to four of the 10 men shot dead in the Hutch/Kinahan war.

A Sunday World investigation today reveals how the team are headed up by a psychopathic cocaine user who is currently in custody on a serious criminal charge.



He was once severely beaten by Real IRA boss Alan Ryan and turned to INLA pals for protection, forming a dangerous terror cell right in the heart of the Hutch family’s stronghold.

The hitman is understood to have been consulted on the murder of Gary Hutch in Spain, which sparked the deadly Kinahan/Hutch feud.

Hutch was gunned down at the Angel de Miraflores apartment block near Mijas at 11.20am on the morning of September 24 last year.

A Dublin criminal, James Quinn, was arrested earlier this year and sent to prison near Malaga as a magistrate investigates his involvement in the murder.

Quinn, from Basin Street in Dublin, has around 70 previous convictions and is also the suspect in the murder in Spain of former cartel associate Gerard ‘Hatchet’ Kavanagh.

A second man, Ian Dixon, was also arrested in connection with the murder. He works at the Matthew Macklin gym in Puerto Banus. It is understood that Spanish police arrested the pair after consultation with gardai.

While the hitman didn’t travel to Spain, it is understood he was asked for advice on the first killing of the feud and sourced information locally in Dublin relating to Hutch’s movements and plans.

Months after Gary Hutch’s murder, the hitman and the INLA bomb-maker travelled to Lanzarote, where they botched a hit on Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch last New Year’s Eve.

It is understood the veteran criminal had just left a pub when they burst in to kill him. They had been promised a €100,000 payday from the Kinahan gang for taking out the Monk – but returned to Dublin unrewarded.

Following the Regency Hotel attack, which resulted in the murder of David Byrne, the Kinahan cartel turned to the same death squad to exact revenge.

The duo, along with a brother of the gang leader and another INLA associate, burst into Eddie Hutch’s home on Poplar Row in Ballybough, Dublin, and shot him nine times. The hit gave them a sick €100,000 payday.


At the time of the shooting, three days after the Regency incident, gardai had put Dublin’s innner city on lockdown and were patrolling the streets of the area.

However, it has since become apparent that the killers were living within the community and didn’t need to cross through Garda checkpoints to carry out the attack.

Days after the murder the INLA bomb-maker took his pregnant girlfriend for a romantic night away in a posh south Dublin hotel, where he was spotted by gardai.

He was seen romancing his partner without a care in the world, unaware that undercover officers were nearby. Weeks later, the contract killer celebrated the birth of his new baby.

The cell leader is believed to have travelled in and out of the country between hits and at one point holidayed in Thailand, where he regularly goes for drug rehabilitation.

Sources say the same team were behind the murder of the Monk’s best friend, Noel Duggan, in his car outside his home in Ratoath, Co. Meath, on March 23. They pocketed €100,000 for that hit too.


Duggan had absolutely no idea that his life was in danger and hadn’t been issued with a Garda Information Message (GIM form) as officers had no intelligence that he could be a target of an attack.

Daniel Kinahan had ordered his murder as he wanted ‘an eye for an eye’ following the killing of his friend David Byrne.

Our source revealed: “Kinahan wanted to destroy Hutch. Killing his brother and his best friend was simply a way to destroy him and to warn him ‘never come at me again’.

“Noel Duggan’s murder came as a huge shock to lots of people, but the fact of the matter is that he and Hutch were best friends for years. They were in business together and they used the same transporters and routes into the country. They were vital to one another in lots of ways,” the source said.

Two of the hit team are also suspected of involvement in the murder of Gareth Hutch and one other feud-related murder.

Sources say that the killers have absolutely no remorse for their actions and see murder as just another way of doing business.


“They don’t care at all who is left behind — that never even crosses their minds. To them, it is all about the money, it’s a day’s work,” a source said.

“They get paid in cash and they can invest some of it back into the Kinahan business if they wish. That will then pay a dividend.”

The existence of the murderous cell within Dublin’s north inner-city community intensified the early part of the Kinahan/Hutch feud.

However, gardai now have the cell leader in custody and it is understood that they are anxious to track down the INLA bomb-maker and another associate who have both fled the country since the net tightened.

One is believed to be hiding in the UK, where his girlfriend and child regularly visit him. The whereabouts of the other man is not known.