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We expose killers, sex beasts and paedos on the loose around Ireland

Our man corners rapist Philip Murphy
Our man corners rapist Philip Murphy

THE Sunday World tracked down dozens of killers, paedophiles and sex attackers in 2016.

Despite the best efforts of authorities to hide these dangerous thugs in the midst of an unsuspecting public, the Sunday World is watching and will continue to expose dangerous individuals in order to alert the public at large.

From chasing predators through underground car parks to spending days staking out murderers who are being freed from prison, our team ensure Sunday World readers know what dangers lurk around the corner from their homes.



In February we revealed how IRA killer Duffy is continuing to benefit from preferential treatment behind bars when we pictured him being escorted by four Kevlar-wearing prison officers during a top-secret visit home to Drogheda to meet family members.

Duffy (44), who served four years for murder before being jailed again for attempting to shoot a man in a pub, enjoyed a seven-hour meet-up in the Marist Fathers’ residence to the rear of Dundalk’s Marist church. As parishioners celebrated Mass in the adjacent church, next door was a man described by a sentencing judge as “sheer evil”.

Duffy, originally from Belfast, walked free from a life sentence imposed for the 1996 murder of Co. Antrim construction boss John Gibson in 2000 after just four years.

However, he is back behind bars after being sentenced to a second life sentence in 2008 for attempting to murder Colin O’Neill in the Emerald Bar in Dundalk on March 10, 2007.



In March, Murphy was freed from Arbour Hill prison after serving eight years inside for kidnapping a woman and threatening her with a knife.

However, the dangerous criminal morphed from hunter to prey when he took flight after spotting our team as he emerged from the Probation Office in Smithfield in Dublin City Centre.

Fleeing on foot after spotting our cameras, Murphy took shelter in a public car park situated at the rear of the Irish Prison Service building, where he had gone seeking long-term accommodation.

“Did you receive counselling in prison?” We asked in a bid to determine what level of threat Murphy still poses to society.

“Yeah, I did,” he said before trying to flee through another locked exit door.

Judge Frank O’Donnell said that during the trial it had been put to Murphy that he had been “scouring the countryside looking for a victim”, but noted that he could only deal with the evidence that was before him.


We tracked down serial paedophile Luckwill – who pretended to be a casting agent so he could abuse boys – days after his release from prison in April.

He had served just two years and nine months of a four-and-a-half year sentence for sexually assaulting two teenage boys.

Luckwill pretended to be a casting agent to convince his victims’ mothers to leave them at his apartment in Navan, where he later molested them. Luckwill has a series of convictions for possession of child pornography in Ireland and in Wales.

Previously he was jailed for five months by Guernsey Magistrates Court for incitement of a child under the age of 14 to commit an act of gross indecency.

That offence was committed while he was on bail for the offences in Meath.

Luckwill has also been placed on the sex offenders register for life in Britain, the court was told.

When confronted by our Sunday World team Luckwill insisted: “I’m finished with the dirty stuff.”

However, he remains a source of major concern for those working in child protection.


A convicted child rapist who set himself up as an ‘ethical’ dog-trainer outside a rural village, Cleere fled the parish after our exposé warned locals of his past.

Cleere – a former Redemptorist student priest and deputy head of a school in Leicester – set up home in an isolated cottage outside the village of Doon.

Weeks later he began distributing flyers advertising his dog training business ‘Positive Paws’ under the name Gerard Shepherd.

Cleere (61), a native of Kilkenny town, was extradited from England in November of 2009, where he had been living at a Leicester halfway house for sex offenders, to stand trial in Galway.

During his trial, Cleere denied he had buggered a child in Galway on a single unknown date between January 1, 1973, and December 30, 1974, but he did plead guilty at his two-day trial at Galway Circuit Criminal Court in April to indecently assaulting the child.


In June, we revealed how beast Naughton was sparking terror in a Galway community by spending his days sitting in a beaten up Mercedes outside the front of his home peeping out at passersby. Naughton fled into his back garden when confronted by our team.

Naughton – who now resides in the Wheatfield estate in Galway – was jailed for 11 years in April 2001 after he was convicted of systematically raping and his abusing his daughter Barbara over a six-year period.

The abuse began in 1987 when she was nine years old. Barbara waived her right to anonymity after the trial.

The assaults occurred on an almost weekly basis, making it impossible for Naughton’s daughter to pin down dates.

When he was done raping her, Naughton would threaten to throw her into a bog with a rope tied around her neck so her body would never be found.


Monster Dolan – who butchered his parents with a kitchen knife following a furious family row – is back walking the streets of Dublin, as we revealed in July.

We pictured Dolan (42), walking unaccompanied through the streets of the northside following a day out from Mountjoy’s Training Unit to attend a training course.

of convicted fraudster Breifne O’Brien – has served less than 15 years in prison for the killings that shocked Ireland.

Dolan was just 27 years old when, in 2001, he was found guilty of deliberately knifing his sickly 56-year-old mother Gertrude to death.

He was found not guilty of murdering his helpless 71-year-old father John, but was found guilty of his manslaughter.

After he knifed both parents to death he covered their bodies with a duvet and left them to decompose on the floor of the sitting room for over a week.


Byrne – widely regarded as one of the country’s most dangerous serial sex-attackers – literally set up camp on the outskirts of Croke Park in early August ahead of a GAA double header in GAA HQ.

Tens of thousands of GAA fans went on the booze in the area after the match, but thanks to the Sunday World they knew to be careful, as we had warned them that Byrne was stalking the area.

We snapped Byrne sleeping outside a tent in a wooded area between Clonliffe College and the Drumcondra Road on the Friday before the game.

 Byrne was sentenced to 15 years in prison for raping an 18-year-old woman in November 1993 when he was only 16.

Just 36 hours after his release in December 2005, he attacked a Filipino nurse leaving work in the early hours near the Mater Hospital, Dublin.

Just 14 hours after being released for that offence, in September 2009, Byrne attacked a young French woman in Phibsboro.


The Sunday World’s exclusive pictures chronicled an extraordinary year that began with hopes of imminent release for the Black Widow, but has ended in her fighting a life and death battle with a brain tumour at Beaumont Hospital.

 In August we exclusively pictured Nevin – who is serving life for the murder of innocent publican husband Tom in 1996 – looking healthy and well as she rejoined a college course in Maynooth, following a falling out with authorities in the Dochas Centre.

 However, just four months later our photographers captured a frailer Nevin attending Beaumont Hospital’s radiation unit, where she is undergoing a five-week radiation course of intensive therapy aimed at eliminating the tumour.


Female patients in their pyjamas smoked cigarettes outside the Mater Hospital on a sunny September morning, unaware they were standing just yards from one of Ireland’s most dangerous serial rapists.

Sex beast Hegarty was formerly adjudged so dangerous by a sentencing judge that he said he wanted to give him a life sentence “as the female population of Ireland has a constitutional right not to be raped”.

Hegarty, who is serving out a 13-year sentence for his most recent rape – will be eligible for full release from Arbour Hill early in 2018.

This comes despite a judge saying it was his earnest wish that he be allowed jail Hegarty for life, but he said he could not do so as a previous lifesentence he handed down to a serial rapist had been overturned by the Court of Criminal Appeal.


Earlier this month we revealed cut-throatkiller Norton is back on the streets and enjoying his first taste of freedom as a student on a Dublin campus.

He was sentenced to life in prison in January 2005 for the murder of Finglas man Noel Kearney – who he and a pal killed by stabbing a total of 17 times.

Details of the horrific injuries Norton, of St Pappin’s Green, Glasnevin, and his pal Patrick Harris, of Griffith Parade, Finglas, inflicted on Noel Kearney, when they attacked him in his Finglas home on January 28, 2002, were revealed at the pair’s 2005 trial.

Ten of the stab wounds were “deep and penetrating” and Mr Kearney’s windpipe had been punctured, the court was told.

“The large wound exposed the inside structures of the neck and the windpipe had been cut through twice, deep, into the spinal cord,” Dr Marie Cassidy said.