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WATCH - Gardai appeal after woman attacked on bus

Do you know this man who attacked a woman on a Dublin bus?
Do you know this man who attacked a woman on a Dublin bus?

Gardai are urgently hoping to track down a thug who attacked a woman and her flatmate on a bus in a scene that was captured on the mobile phone of a shocked onlooker.

The appeal comes after a woman was assaulted on the number 40 bus near Old Kilmainham Village at 10.15pm on July 23rd, with the brutality of his assault making for uncomfortable viewing.

The victim of the attack, who is in her 20s and from central America, said violence is out of control in Dublin and her flatmate was quoted by RTE suggesting the incident may force her to leave Ireland.

"I've lived here for four years and this attack has really affected my view of Dublin and Ireland," she said.

"For me it is getting out of control. My friend suffered lots of injuries, both physical and psychological.

"This attack has really affected my opinion of Ireland, especially in relation to my personal security.

"When we were waiting at the hospital, there were other people who had been attacked. "Has this become just a normal thing?"

Gardai are yet to make any arrests following the shocking incident, with the television appeal a bid to try and make some progress in the case.