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Vile thug who brutally beat and mugged Autistic boy

Jay O'Sullivan
Jay O'Sullivan

THIS is the thug quizzed by Gardaí over the sickening mugging of an autistic man which left his victim with two black eyes and a broken nose.

Convicted thief Jay O’Sullivan, of Ballybrack, Dublin, is believed to have broken down in tears while being interviewed by gardaí, pleading he didn’t know his victim was autistic.

The 29-year-old was arrested on Wednesday alongside a woman in her late teens and taken to Bray Garda Station.

There, both were confronted with shocking CCTV images of the depraved attack in a laneway at the Dart station at 6pm on April 4.

The images showed O’Sullivan repeatedly striking his victim in the face with blows as a female associate attempted to rob him of his phone.

He also launched a full-force kick to the victim’s face while he was on his knees pleading not to be hit any more.

As the shocked victim leans against a wall covering his face, a female member of the gang begins to search his pockets, and ultimately his mobile phone is stolen. 

It has not been recovered.

It can also be clearly seen that four members of the public walk by without offering any help to the victim. 

Sources this week told the Sunday World that O’Sullivan burst into tears claiming he hadn’t known of his innocent victim’s condition.

O’Sullivan hid in a backroom of his Ballybrack address when our reporters attempted to speak with him about the attack over the weekend.

Incredibly,  a family member said the 29-year-old attacker deserves sympathy in the wake of the attack as he is now “suicidal” after being targeted by a barrage of death threats and name-calling online.

“There’s murder going on,” she said.

“Jason is literally suicidal at the moment. He really is, he’s having a very hard time.

“He says he didn’t realise the fella was unwell.”

The Sunday World can reveal that O’Sullivan is well known to Gardaí.

By the age of 20 he had already clocked up 16 convictions for offences including theft, assault, criminal damage and road traffic matters.

He also received a two month sentence in November 2006 for assaulting a man two years earlier in November 2004.

Convicted thief Jay O'Sullivan

Most recently, in 2013, a court heard how O’Sullivan’s home was broken into by two men “for a straightener” over what the court heard was relating to a €200 drug debt.

The Sunday World has also learned that staff at Bray Dart station had ordered O’Sullivan and the two girls he was with out of the station on three occasions prior to the thug launching the attack on the young man.

O’Sullivan’s name was this week being openly shared on Facebook.

Dozens of threats have been made against him and an online petition has been set up calling on the DPP to charge him over the attack.

Speaking at the weekend the family of O’Sullivan’s victim at the Dart station described their son as a “gentle” young man who was utterly defenceless in the face of the violence inflicted on him.

They also revealed that in the wake of the attack their son, who had been trained to travel independently on the Dart, had been left traumatised and is now afraid to travel.

But they said they would not condone any online threats and urged people to leave the Gardaí to do their job.

“He is still very traumatised and his confidence has been badly shaken,” his father told the Sunday World.

“If he is walking anywhere on his own now and he encounters a group of people he is very nervous.

“He was always brought up to do the right thing – when travelling, move up to the front of the train.

“He and another man were trying to help the man in the wheelchair on the platform by getting attention from some staff.

“That meant that he was last to leave the station. When he was leaving the station he went out the laneway.

“Physically he’s fine right now, but this has had a serious effect on him.”

The family hope the wall sealing off the laneway from the view of security staff in the station will be replaced by a transparent barrier or railing.

“It’s not just for our son,” the young man’s father told us. “A lot of people don’t feel safe using that laneway.”