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Vile sex beast Mahoney is convicted for sending rotten pig’s head to garda’s home

Brendan Mahoney
Brendan Mahoney

SICKO Brendan Mahoney, convicted this week of posting a rotting pig’s head to a garda, is regarded as one of the country’s most-dangerous sex offenders the Sunday World can reveal.

The evil beast’s sick secret is exposed today as we disclose how he is feared by Ireland’s sex workers, after claims that he drugged, raped and robbed hookers.

Mahoney has also clashed regularly with gardaí, who, according to sources, have stopped him on sight because of his dangerous record.

He has previously abused and shouted at officers and used recording equipment in his van in a bid to intimidate them.

Mahoney, from Cabra in north Dublin, has been stopped by gardai and found to be in possession of various weapons, including a knife and knuckle duster.

It was even feared he had fitted his van out as a torture chamber, complete with plastic ties, to render possible victims helpless.

He served time for a serious sexual assault in the 1990s, but has since been blamed for a number of attacks on prostitutes.

Two women told gardaí that they were held against their will by Mahoney in 2012.

He picked them up in Ballsbridge after making a call to an escort agency and drove to a hotel in Ballymun, according to sources.

The women said that he told them that he wanted oral sex, but claim they were drugged and repeatedly raped by him instead.

He later told detectives that the sex was consensual and that the women willingly took the drugs.

At one point, gardaí kept him under constant surveillance and prostitutes were warned about of his presence in the city.

At least four prostitutes have told gardaí that they were raped and robbed by him, but were too afraid to make official complaints.

Mahoney has targeted sex workers who are new and may not be aware of his past, according to sources.

Incredibly, because his rape conviction pre-dates the law, he does not have to register as a sex offender.

He has a total of 46 convictions over three decades for theft, robbery, solicitation of prostitutes and sexual assault.

The sicko had to be extradited from Spain after he failed to show up for a court hearing over the pig’s head charge.

Despite being on bail, he had been allowed to have his passport for a week’s holiday out of Ireland, but failed to return home.

Mahoney has lived between Dublin and Clare, where he targeted Kilkee cop Paul Heaslip with his sick pig’s head threat.

This week the 48-year-old was found guilty after a five-day trial at Ennis Circuit Court.

During the trial, the garda’s wife, Natalie O’Neill, said she was “completely in shock” when her husband opened the box and peeled back tin-foil inside to reveal the head.

An investigation was launched in January 2012 after the arrival of the severed animal’s head to the officer’s home.

The couple made the discovery at lunchtime on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at their home at the Percy French estate in Kilkee.

The box containing the pig’s head was posted from Prussia Street post office in Dublin five days before, on January 26.

Ms O’Neill said that she noticed first “a very pungent odour from the box”.

Asked about her reaction on seeing the pig’s head, she said: “I was shocked, horrified, disgusted, probably 17 different emotions all at once. I was afraid. I didn’t know what was going to happen. I didn’t know what was going on.”

Garda Heaslip said his landlord, who was also his postman, had told him on January 30 that there was a box waiting for him at his home.

They had been away at the time and returned to their home the following day.

The garda said the pig’s head “was split down the middle” and was contained in the cardboard box addressed to him.

“There was a strong enough smell off the pig’s head. I said to Natalie ‘open the door’ and I brought the box outside to an open area out through a side door at our home,” he added.

He said he was “in complete shock” after discovering the pig’s head inside the box.

 “To this day it was just distressing. I was in total confusion over it being sent and more in shock than anything,” he said in court.

“The fact that it was sent to my house, it gave me a disgusted feeling in my stomach.

“It was addressed to my home, my house and my wife being there at the time as well,” he added.

During questioning by gardaí

Mahoney had claimed he would have laughed it off if he had received such a package.

“It’s only a pig’s head not a human head,” he told officers.

It was said in court that Garda Heaslip was targeted after he had been detailed to work with another agency whose officers spoke to Mahoney.

It emerged in court that the young couple had both transferred their jobs out of the area after leaving their rented home.

Mahoney is due to sentenced later this week.

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