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Vile gangland rapist has home taken by CAB

Christy Griffin
Christy Griffin

Gangland rapist Christy Griffin waved goodbye to €250,000 this week when the Criminal Assets Bureau informed him they have signed away his last nest egg.

The clock has run out for Griffin to fight the Bureau for a city centre cottage that he purchased when he was at the height of his reign as the leader of a major cocaine gang in the north inner city.

The funds from its sale, now a derelict site, will be transferred into the exchequer under a Proceeds of Crime settlement.

It is understood that convicted sex offender Griffin bought the property in 1996 and allowed a relative live in it for years before he was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2006 for a rape.

The ownership of the house was not registered in his name, but the CAB had previously told the court that Griffin was in control of it. 

Griffin, who hails from the north inner city, ran a reign of fear and terror with his brother Collie. The duo had inherited their patch from Thomas Mullen and Derek ‘Maradona’ Dunne.

Griffin moved his partner and children out to Swords, where they lived in a luxury property and drove expensive Lexus cars.

He splashed his cash and despite the existence of the CAB used ordinary bank accounts to run hundreds of thousands of drug money through.

Despite being on the dole, CAB found that he lived at Ridgewood Green and lived like a middle-class businessman from the profits of his operation, which centred on the Sheriff Street area.

However, Griffin’s undoing wouldn’t be his drug trafficking, but a dark secret he held over his interest in young girls.

The 43-year-old’s trial for rape sparked a bloody gangland feud in the north inner city.

Although a father himself, Griffin had groomed a young child under the nose of her mother – his long-term partner. He first raped her when she was only 16 and then paid her with heroin and cash for her silence.

In 2003, two young women made formal complaints about sexual abuse and rape against him while he was then the main target of Operation In Law – a joint Garda and Criminal Assets Bureau investigation to bring down the cocaine dealer and his empire.

He was before the courts later that year on 11 charges relating to rape and sexual assault, but the battle lines had been drawn between those who were on his side and those on the side of his in-laws. He was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment.

This week, the taxpayer would finally benefit from his crimes after the order made for the funds from 1A Emmet Street in Dublin’s inner city was signed into the exchequer.

Under the terms of his settlement with CAB he has also agreed to the sale of Ridgewood Green in Swords