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VIDEO: Sickening clip of criminal 'blooding' fighting dogs

VIDEO: Sickening clip of criminal 'blooding' fighting dogs

A notorious mobster who is a target for the Criminal Assets Bureau has posted a sickening video of a captured fox being savaged by dogs as they are ‘blooded’ by their owners.

The shocking scenes show the terrified fox being torn limb from limb by seven blood-crazed dogs in front of a cheering crowd.

It is believed the dogs are being trained to kill by their owners – known as ‘blooding’ – for illegal dogfights or other blood sports. 

The video was posted online by a Waterford-based gangster who is the reputed head of a mob involved in drug dealing, loan sharking and intimidation.

The traveller gang boss, who is currently facing serious criminal charges, is the number one target for Gardai in the south east, and his gang are responsible for a wave of violence in the area.

However, the Sunday World can reveal the vicious thug does not confine his love of violence to humans and is involved in unregulated blood sports. 

The fox can be seen being dismembered while the dogs are lustily cheered on by a group of 
bloodthirsty men. In the background of the clip a group of men can be heard cheering and encouraging four dogs as they, literally, tear the fox to pieces.

One shouts: “Go on, ya stupid dog.” And: “Go in der, go in der.”

Dogfighting is currently illegal in Ireland but is believed to be widespread across the country – particularly in the border areas.

It is not illegal to kill foxes in Ireland but it is against the law to kill any animal in a cruel way.

However, the cruel gang boss displays none of these scruples and he can be seen bragging and joking about the fox’s barbaric death on a social media site.

Underneath one photograph, he has written: “Good days hunting. Would say fox die haha.”

When one Facebook user describes the video as sick, the sadistic gangster writes: “Didn’t need you tell me that haha.”

Last night, a spokesperson for the Irish Council Against Blood Sports said: “It is horrific to see an animal killed in this way. It is illegal to kill an animal in a cruel way but the fact is the law is very weak in this area. It would be very difficult to bring a prosecution because there is no protection for the fox.”

In May, Minister Coveney said there are no plans to ban fox-hunting and hare-coursing.

However, he said the new Animal Welfare Act would lead to prosecutions against those who abuse animals, and would also regulate coursing and hunting.

Gardai are currently expecting to bring further charges against the Waterford gang boss, who is a target of the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB).

Members of the mob are involved in drug dealing, money lending, robbery and a variety of other criminal activities. 

In June, gardai swooped on six members of an illegal money lending ring from the same family as part of an organised crime probe.

The arrests were carried out in the Ardmore Park and Ballybeg estates of Waterford city.

Officers held three men and three women from the same extended family who have bought up to 10 houses for cash despite being on social welfare.

It is believed the gang are giving loans to vulnerable people at extortionate rates and holding on to children’s allowance and social welfare cards to force victims to pay.

The Sunday World has previously revealed how the south east mob burnt and forced families out of their homes as they attempted to take over neighbourhoods. More than 20 families were forced from their homes. 

Earlier this year, the gang petrol-bombed a car belonging to local Sinn Fein Councillor John Hearne, who has bravely taken them on and helped victims stand up to the thugs.

He has said: “The fear is gone now with these arrests. They have to know they’re going to lose.”