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VIDEO: Shock footage of thugs smashing up family home in Dublin

VIDEO: Shock footage of thugs smashing up family home in Dublin

THIS is the moment an armed traveller gang attacked a family home in west Dublin after a feud was sparked following a dispute “over a bird”.

The gang brazenly recorded themselves as they smashed their way into Arthur McGinley’s home in Drumheath Gardens in Blanchardstown this week.

Members of the gang, who McGinley said were armed with a shotgun, can be heard shouting “shoot him, shoot him” as they break windows and doors before forcing their way into the home.

McGinley, a father-of-seven, was in the house with his 10-year-old son and his brother-in-law at the time of the horrific attack.

One of the home invaders can he heard shouting, “he’s out the back, get in there, get him” as McGinley and his relative fled over a back wall.

 The gang videoed themselves inside the home as a man tells his accomplices to take phones in the house.

Another man is videoed throwing a bottle at a TV as they smash up the house. Eventually, one of the men shouts “shades”, referring to gardaí, before the video ends.


 The brazen gang later returned and petrol-bombed the house, leaving it destroyed.

McGinley posted a video on Facebook after the petrol-bomb attack, telling those who carried it out that he had reported it to Gardaí. “Look what you done.

 I don’t own that house boys.

That’s only a rented house, but listen the statement is done. Now I’m going back down to make another statement.” He then named two people he believed carried out the attack and said he had reported them.

“From the bottom of my heart and I mean it, I was never a guard’s man in my life, but for the cowardly act you’re after doing if I can get 21 years [in prison] for ye then 21 years is what you’re going to get.”

Other travellers labelled McGinley a rat online after he posted the video and he received messages online saying he would be killed.

Heavily armed gardaí from the Armed Support Unit subsequently carried out a raid on a halting site in west Dublin in response to the attack.

McGinley had posted a video before the first attack, explaining that the argument began earlier in the week when he was punched by another man in what he said was a row “over a bird”.

“You hit me sly last night at the door of your trailer.

Don’t know why you did it. You were drinking all night. I went down this morning to see if you’d fight.

You wouldn’t fight. Pick your time, I don’t care whether it’s tomorrow or whatever but I’ll fight you. You hit me sly for nothing, for no reason all over a bird.

“You hit me Martin with your fanny pad voice on you, you dirty nobody. Come to my house, come to my house, I’ll be waiting for you.”

After they attacked his home he posted another video describing the attackers as “sausages”.

The McGinley family have been staying with friends since the attack.