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VIDEO: Shock footage emerges from aftermath of Regency Hotel shooting

VIDEO: Shock footage emerges from aftermath of Regency Hotel shooting

Shocking footage has emerged from inside the lobby of Dublin's Regency Hotel, moments after the brutal gangland hit which took the life of gangster David Byrne.

The Sunday World has chosen not to publish any of the uncensored images or footage of the scene, which has been circulating online. 

David Byrne was shot dead by a hit squad who then made an incredibly slow escape from the bloody crime scene.

A blurred out version of the video can be viewed below.

The horrendous bloody mess that is Byrne’s lifeless body is caught on video before the cameraman moves outside to capture the bizarrely slow escape made by his killers.

The incredible footage shows the gangster’s killers – who were kitted out in Garda-style SWAT gear and armed with AK-47s – attempting to make a quick getaway but being thwarted by the hotel’s carpark barrier.

One person can be heard saying: “F**k me pink, there’s no way they were guards.”

Another man, noticing the murder gang’s botched attempt to make a speedy getaway, exclaimed, "Look, they are in the van!” before being warned by a fellow onlooker to “get in out of the f**king way” because “they’re not cops”.

Byrne was at the very top of the Kinahan drugs cartel in Ireland, and his killing led to the revenge murder of Eddie Hutch, brother of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch who has returned to Dublin amidst the threat of all-out gang war in the city.