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Video: Dublin city centre phone box being used as 'heroin-smoking den'

Pic: Mannix Flynn/
Pic: Mannix Flynn/

This is the moment a city centre phone box was turned into a 'drug den'.

The short clip, filmed by an reader on Dublin's Ormond Quay, shows a man smoking what appears to be heroin.

In the video, the man is seen unfolding tin foil as cars and pedestrians pass by.

Local independent councillor Mannix Flynn, who has also captured pictures of suspected addicts in the phone box, has called for it to be ripped down and drug users to be taken off city-centre streets.

The clip emerged after a video emerged yesterday of addicts smoking the drug in Temple Bar at 9.30am on Sunday.

The footage showed the woman - aided by a man in green - smoking what appears to be heroin in full view of passersby.

Cllr Flynn said: "It's normalised. You have a culture of wrongdoing that's being facilitated by the state.

"It's time to ask questions of the drug task forces, drug centres and an Garda Síochana. Nobody is taking responsibility for this.

"It's completely unacceptable where you have the city centre, in effect, being used as a public shooting gallery."

Cllr Flynn said: "We need a zero tolerance approach. Someone has to take responsibility for this. If you are teaching the addicts not to take responsibility, then they will continue to behave this way.

"These are people who are subcultured and that culture has been normalised."

This is not the first time that a phone box has been used by addicts.

Four Eircom phone boxes, at 19-20 South Great George's Street, which were being used for injecting heroin, were eventually removed by Dublin City Council after a four year campaign.