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VIDEO: Druggies shoot up where kids play in Dublin city

VIDEO: Druggies shoot up where kids play in Dublin city

TWO women were caught on video apparently injecting drugs in a residential laneway in Dublin city centre where children play.

One local resident who challenged two women using syringes in the area close to Ormond Square later posted a video of the drugs users.

The women are seen preparing the drugs, possibly heroin, and drawing it into a syringe.

One woman then turns away and appears to loosen her jeans so she can inject into her leg or groin.

Her friend is then seen shaking up the mixture in her syringe in preparation for a shot.

The resident who lives nearby said she found the situation “shocking, to say the least.”

“I asked these two girls to take there needles last week and they left them there. They’re back again today still in the lane way at the back of Ormond Square,” she wrote.

“This is all the time everyday of the week. I have concerns as the clock goes forward Saturday. The nights are getting brighter and the kids play in that lane,” she added.

“There should be signs at each end of the lane say no banging up in this lane,” she wrote adding that there are signs warning about playing football where bicycles should be left.