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Video: Armed Traveller gangs issue brutal threats to each other

A still from one of the chilling videos
A still from one of the chilling videos

Armed with guns, knives and bombs two Traveller gangs have issued a stream of video threats against each other.

The videos, one issued from a Dublin-based gang, the other by a gang from another part of Leinster, appeared this week and threats of serious harm were issued by both sides. 

There has been an ongoing feud between both gangs that has resulted in assaults but this latest pair of videos shows that the dispute may be entering a new, far more serious, phase.

The first part of the below video shows a group of men with a large arsenal of firearms, including shotguns, automatic weapons and ammunition.

They name a person before saying 'You said six weeks ago it was only a matter of time (that) you would get your brothers-in-law involved... They are involved and make the best of them.

'You send your young fellas acting like men - we will treat them like men.

'You come to our road - prepare for what you're seeing'.

The other gang responded days later, with an equally chilling clip, which is also included below.

A masked man, brandishing a machete, says: 'You are threatening that you are going to shoot again. My friend, this is what is waiting for you. We will end this once and for all.

'If we see you around the shops you will get that', he adds, waving the weapon.

'If we see you in a pub, any pub, you will get that,' he says, holding a shotgun and cartridges.