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Victim’s map of paedo’s studio used in hunt to find body

Search: Site in Aclare, Sligo
Search: Site in Aclare, Sligo

HAND-drawn maps of the Radio Dublin studio used by Eamon Cooke have been given by a former victim to Gardaí and are being used to corroborate the account of the victim who claims Philip Cairns was killed there.

A separate victim was interviewed by detectives this week and asked to draw a detailed sketch of the studio at number 58 Inchicore Road.

The studio, which has since been demolished, is now the site of the two-storey Rosemount Court apartment block.

A woman, who was aged nine at that time, told Gardaí that Philip was beaten to death by Cooke in his radio studio in Inchicore on the day that he went missing.

Eamon Cooke

Its understood she has told Gardai she was in the car with Cooke when he picked Philip up before bringing him to the studio where he attacked the 13-year-old.

Cooke persuaded another of his young victims to dump the schoolboy’s bag in a laneway the following week, it is now believed.

The building in which the studio was housed was demolished almost 20 years ago and the apartment complex was built in its place. However, it is expected a garden area to the rear of the apartment block will be surveyed by Gardaí.

Officers are understood to consider it unlikely Philip’s remains were interred at this site, as they believe any remains would have been discovered during construction of the apartment block.

Officers are also seeking to establish the identities of DJs who would have been working in the studio on October 23, 1986, in order to speak with them.

A field off Meagan’s Lane, in a rural area of Tallaght, where Cooke erected a repeater for his Radio Dublin transmitter and buried a 20ft steel container below ground, is expected to be searched in the coming weeks.


This site is one of five investigating officers have linked to Cooke, including a derelict cottage in Aclare outside Tubbercurry in Co Sligo. The Sunday World has obtained an exclusive picture of the cottage, which was never developed by Cooke in any way.

Three other sites are thought to include two houses in west Dublin which he had registered in an associate’s name.

The fifth is a site in Ticknock in the Dublin mountains.

Further shocking details of Cooke’s vile life can also be revealed for the first time today, including how:

  • Gardaí now believe Cooke abused more than 20 children in the course of his lifetime.
  • He was friends with infamous U.K. child abuser Jimmy Savile – who visited the Radio Dublin studio several times in the early 1970s.
  • He committed bigamy and was already married to a second woman at the time he wed a woman 30 years his junior in 1989.
  • One of Cooke’s victim’s is believed to have presented to her doctor with a canine related sexual infection, leading to the belief he had also abused dogs.

Gardaí have yet to organise searches of any of the properties, but are continuing to map and research areas of interest to the investigation. It’s believed they will carry out a geophysical survey of the properties – mapping out soil disturbances below ground – before digging.

A forensic anthropologist and forensic archaeologist will be placed on standby to assist officers in the event of skeletal remains being uncovered.

It’s understood Gardaí are also attempting to retrace Cooke’s movements around the time of Philip’s disappearance.

Two days before Philip vanished, Cooke pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit the arson attack on the home of a former victim.

In November 1984, Cooke had organised the petrol-bombing of the home of John Paul O’Toole on South Circular Road.

O’Toole had worked for Cooke at Radio Dublin, but had been sacked.

On October 22 – the day before Philip’s disappearance – four other men who acted with Cooke in the attack received suspended sentences.

Cooke also received a suspended sentence from Judge Frank Roe, when his sentencing came up on Monday, November 3.

A neighbour of Cooke’s – who was living adjacent to the Radio Dublin studio property in Inchicore Road at the time Philip disappeared – yesterday recalled how the deviant radio producer drove a Jag at the time of the abduction.

Another job for investigators is tracing this vehicle.