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UFF druggie vows to put 9-year-old boy out of home

Jake Coulter
Jake Coulter

UFF drug dealer Dee Coleman has vowed to put chronically-ill nine-year-old Jake Coulter out of his home.

Drug dealing bully-boy Coleman has shamelessly targeted the youngster in the latest twist of a lengthy campaign of intimidation against the Coulter family.

Jake, who suffers a rare heart condition, and who has spent much of his young life in hospital, is now firmly in the sights of cowardly Coleman who has warned his family they will be put out of their lower Shankill home.

Coked-up Coleman could not have picked a more vulnerable target – a defenceless nine-year-old boy too afraid to sleep in his own bed,  terrified the paramilitaries will come for him in the dead of night.

Dee Coleman

It is the low point in a sickening and relentless campaign against the Coulter family. Coleman’s real target is Jake’s aunt, Tracey Coulter, and last night she challenged the UFF drug dealer to back off.

“They should keep their fight with me, and keep it legal,” she fumed. 

“Our Jake has nothing to do with this, he is a sick wee boy who needs constant care and attention. He has a heart condition  and he can’t live under this stress.”

Jake has already undergone a number of operations and his weak heart means he needs round the clock monitoring.

Tracey, who was forced to quit her home in the district after repeated attacks and threats, was back in  Belfast to visit family. Jake, his mother Natalie and Tracey’s mother Agnes still live in the area.

“I saw him (Coleman), he was driving through the estate and he stopped to yell abuse at me,” said Tracey.

“He told that unless I stayed away he would put Natalie and her family out of their home. He also threatened my mother.”

Agnes has suffered ill health since her husband Jackie was murdered during the loyalist feud in 2000. She has even been physically assaulted by Coleman.

Desperately ill youngster, Jake, has been living in terror since his home was attacked last October. A UDA mob pelted the house with paint bombs and windows and doors were smashed. 

“This is Jake’s life, in and out of hospital and operations. I know his mother and the rest of us are petrified in case the child takes a turn for the worse...maybe a fatal one,” said Tracey.

Tracey has been forced to run the gauntlet of hate as she campaigns tirelessly to win justice for her murdered father. No one has been convicted of his killing but her campaign has brought her into direct conflict with both the UDA and UVF.

The Sunday World can reveal the PSNI issued Coleman with a Public Information Notice (PIN) in the wake of the controversy. It is a document issued where there are allegations of harassment.

Natalie Coulter

While they don’t constitute any kind of legal action , the police get people to sign these notices to show in possible future legal proceedings that a suspect was aware that their behaviour would count as harassment.

Coleman and his drug boss Mo Courtney have already landed themselves in court for harassing Tracey.  

Her paramilitary tormentors have repeatedly attacked their homes and desecrated Jackie Coulter’s grave and this week the Sunday World has learnt that UFF C Company boss Courtney has ordered a mural in honour of Jackie Coulter be painted out.

“He can do what he likes, we don’t need a mural to remember my daddy,” said Tracey.

Courtney was lucky to escape jail after he headbutted Tracey as she arrived  at the offices of the Lower Shankill Community Association in the summer of 2013.  

She had been there to raise concerns with UDA boss Matt Kincaid about the increasing drug problem on the lower Shankill following the drug-related death of her cousin.

Having forced Tracey to quit her home, Courtney and the UDA/UFF turned their attentions to Natalie and Agnes.

“I have said it again and again, they are scum. What sort of a man threatens a seriously ill child? Coleman is not a man at all, he’s just a cowardly drug dealing b*****d.”