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Tubby thug Thompson caught with painted toenails

'Fat' Freddie Thompson also wears wigs
'Fat' Freddie Thompson also wears wigs

Kinahan cartel lieutenant ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson has been painting up his toenails as part of a disguise.

The thug, who is under threat from Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch’s gang, has been dressing up in strange outfits every time he leaves the house.

Porky Thompson has been stopped by gardai while wearing pretty frocks, women’s accessories and was even found to have lacquered his trotters, according to reports in the Irish Sun.

The senior Kinahan cartel member is a major target for the gardai’s new Special Crime Task Force and the Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau.

Reports indicate that the portly hood may be in the UK, plotting with other members of the Kinahan gang.

“Thompson has been ordered to remain in Ireland by Daniel Kinahan and he doesn’t leave the house without a disguise.

“He wears glasses and has worn women’s clothing, but he is now also painting his toenails as part of his desperate attempts to confuse anyone who may want to kill him,” a source told the Sun

“He has also got a new tattoo of the name of this new partner and is constantly changing his appearance

“He knows he’s a marked man but he still managed to survive the Crumlin-Drimnagh feud.