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Travellers' threats as 'dirty fight' fails to end feud

Rough: Paddy and Michael brawl
Rough: Paddy and Michael brawl

Two feuding traveller gangs have issued death threats after a bare-knuckle match between two men failed to settle their dispute .

It was hoped the ‘dirty fight’, which ended in a draw, would put a stop to the long-running feud between the Collins and the Quinn McDonagh clans, but any hopes of peace were dashed when videos of death threats were uploaded on the internet over the past few days.
‘Cowboys’ Michael Quinn McDonagh and ‘Missy’ Paddy Collins held the fight last Tuesday following months of incidents between the two families and their associates. 
Gardai seized firearms at a halting site in Finglas two weeks ago, days after two videos were posted online featuring masked gunmen making threats. 
Large numbers of gardai were also deployed to a halting site to prevent a mass brawl between the two groups. 
Neither Michael nor Paddy were involved in the gun threat videos. However, they had made a series of taunting videos challenging each other to fights. 
In a video this week, Missy Paddy said: “I’m asking for you to come out tomorrow and fight me in a dirty fight.”
Michael responded saying: “I’ll tear you alive. If you want a dirty fight I’ll fight dirty.”
The fight took place this week between the pair. A dirty fight allows legs, knees, elbows and heads to be used. Fighters can also be pinned to ground. The fight ended in a draw and afterwards there were words between the two groups about ending the feud. 
However, a number of videos have been uploaded since the fight. In one, associates of Collins are armed with knives warn they will kill members of the Quinn McDonaghs. 
One man who doesn’t even bother hiding his face says: “I swear to you, I’m shooting you. I’ve shot before and I’ll do it again.”
Another man, who has a balaclava on, adds: “I guarantee you will die in the next week.”
An associate of the Quinn McDonagh’s repsonded in a video saying he was going to dig up the bodies of his rivals’ relatives. 
“I’m going to dig the dead up out of it and throw the dead up into Finglas,” he said.

Footage of the 'dirty fight' was uploaded to YouTube