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Top Kinahan enforcer ordered to come out of hiding

Paul Rice
Paul Rice

As part of re-establishing his feared reputation, Daniel Kinahan has ordered his one-time chief enforcer Paul Rice to come out of hiding and do his bidding.

Mob boss Daniel is believed to have lost patience with Rice, who has been lying low since the Regency Hotel attack. Despite assurances he would deal with veteran criminal Troy Jordan, among others, Rice has failed to act.

Troy Jordan

Now Rice’s driver has been issued with a serious Garda Information Message (GIM) that his life is under immediate danger and Rice himself been warned to return to work – or else.

Jordan has been representing traveller widow Ann Connors, who insists that she is owed money from the late Jim Mansfield Snr’s estate.

Ann Connors

She claims that a deal was done with her husband, ‘Fat’ Andy Connors, before his murder, but Daniel Kinahan is also owed millions from the same estate and wants it clear that he is first in the queue.

The widow appeared in the District Court this week and said she was broke due to a CAB demand for €2.5 million in properties in her name. 

However, she has told Jordan that her late husband invested €1m with Mansfield Snr and that when he failed to pay it back. She insists that 12 acres of land near her Saggart home was promised in lieu of the cash, but the deal has never been honoured.

Jim Mansfield Snr

While Jordan has based himself in the U.K. – living in fear for his safety – he has made regular trips back to Ireland. He even attended a family gathering at ‘Fat’ Andy’s grave over Christmas, proving his closeness to the widow and her family.

He has been putting pressure on associates of Mansfield snr for the land, even visiting a family owned property in recent weeks.

Kinahan first told Rice to deal with Jordan last year, but despite the enforcer’s constant reassurances, the criminal pal of John Gilligan has returned time and again demanding the land for Ann Connors.

It is understood that the bubbling feud has nothing to do with the Hutch and Kinahan divide, which has been largely managed by Liam Byrne.

Liam Byrne

However, a second feud is likely to ignite and Gardaí now believe that the attempted assassination of Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch’s ‘Banker’ and the shooting of Noel ‘Duck Egg’ Kirwan are more likely to be linked to it than the slaughter which has played out since the murder of David Byrne.

It is understood the Kinahan mob have heavy interests in Mansfield Snr’s estate. Members of the drug gang invested €5m in a property deal with the businessman before the banks shut him down. In part-payment of the debt it is understood that he handed them the plush mansion his wife once lived in at No. 10 Coldwater Lakes.

It is understood that €5,000-a-week payments are being made to representatives of the cartel in an effort to clear the debt, while two properties and high-powered vehicles have also been handed over. Although No. 10 Coldwater remains within Mansfield Snr-owned businesses, Gardaí have seen both Christopher Jnr and Daniel staying recently.

The house was raided as part of a CAB sting on Mansfield Snr-owned properties in January 2016 and Kinahan’s pal, boxer Matthew Macklin, was discovered there.

The original Kinahan investment was for five homes from the Mansfield portfolio. Several car dealers linked to the mob were used to facilitate the payments. After Mansfield went under, before finalising the deal, several dissident groups arrived on the scene offering protection to the hotelier.

Ann Connors is believed to be desperate for money after CAB moved against nine properties in her name since her husband’s death.