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The Sunday World's Criminal Rich List Pt2

Paul Rice
Paul Rice

Our rich list is a tapestry of those who choose a life of crime, but in the murky world of drugs, sex and money, a fortune can be gained and lost in the flick of an eye, or the pull of a trigger.

PIRA/Sinn Fein are undoubtedly Ire­land’s wealthiest criminal organisa­tion and within the murky underworld are admired for their brutality and their ability to launder money.

The Northern Bank rob­bery in 2004 could be seen as their finest hour. It netted a staggering £26million for the group, which experts believe was to be invested as a future pension fund for volunteers and their families.

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No 14

Paul Rice

MOB enforcer Rice has seen his fortunes go up and down and has had a forced ex­ile from the drug world for almost a year since his partner Gerard ‘Hatchet’ Kavanagh was gunned down in Spain.

Gardai say Rice is no­toriously mean with his money and, unlike his pal Hatchet, has remained under the financial radar in his ordinary Tallaght home. Rice is currently the subject of a major CAB investigation.


No 13

James Carabini

FATHER of two Carabini relocated to Spain after he came under the microscope of CAB.

The Cabra native was arrested 10 years ago during a e200m cocaine bust, but was acquitted at trial. He is believed to be a close associate of George Mitchell and has tight connections with Morocco.


Christy Keane

Keane, who recently survived an assassination attempt  in which he was shot four times, is Limerick gangland’s great survi­vor. Although he lives modestly in the city, he controls a drug dealing outfit that has funnelled millions of euro over the last 20 years.

With the collapse of the Dundon gang, Keane is regarded as the new top dog.


Mr Big

MOB boss Mr Big has amassed an im­pressive fortune from drug dealing and tiger kidnap­pings.

He supplies a large amount of drugs on the northside of the capital and the CAB is soon ex­pected to hit him with a €1.5mil­lion bill.


Stephen Kearney

THE reclusive drug dealer, known as ‘the Grandfather of Crime’, lived for years under the guise of a respectable family man until he agreed to hand over the keys of his plush family home to the CAB.

Kearney built his fortune by working as a sidekick to George Mitchell, but in recent years started dealing di­rectly with Bolivian car­tels to bring in massive shipments of cocaine.


No 12

Matt Kelly

THE businessman brother of murdered criminal Eamon Kelly settled a e4m bill with CAB in 2002, but managed to hold on to a number of valuable properties. The former ‘Carpet­man’ has helped settle his brother’s estate since his death.


No 11

Barry Fitzpatrick

The former Provo who later aligned him­self to the Continuity IRA made a fortune from extortion and security rackets on nightclub and pub doors across Dublin and Wicklow.

Since his recent release from prison he has become a virtual recluse in his bolthole on Brighton Road in Foxrock


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