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The Sunday World Criminal Rich List Part 3

Tom McFeely
Tom McFeely

Our rich list is a tapestry of those who choose a life of crime, but in the murky world of drugs, sex and money, a fortune can be gained and lost in the flick of an eye, or the pull of a trigger.





'The Businessman'

Drug-dealing supremo ‘The Businessman’ runs a key part of the Kinahan outfit in the U.K. He runs a second-hand car scam to transport drugs between Spain, the U.K. and Ireland and regularly returns home to flash his cash in south Dublin. His wife is also a big spender and loves to treat her pals to fancy holidays.



'The Smuggler'

The criminal known as ‘The Smuggler’ is estimated to have at least €16m stashed away from his career as a dodgy ‘businessman’. The violent Ballyfermot, Dublin criminal was hit with a tax bill in excess of €2.5m almost 15 years ago, but has clawed back the money many times over.  From his Spanish villa base he organises shipments of tobacco and fireworks to the black market.



Martin Morgan

The Kildare native has swapped Ireland for upmarket Knightsbridge in London after making millions running brothels. ‘The Beast’ ran a tight ship and liked to keep a close eye on the cash. 

He was caught red-handed during a Garda operation at a vice den he ran in Dublin in 2005.

A court has ordered he forfeit over €252,000 in assets after it was heard that he made €4m a year from the vice trade.

Judge Frank O’Donnell described Morgan’s business as a “magnificent operation, highly sophisticated and highly rewarding and not a petty little business working on a shoestring”.



Gerard 'The Monk' Hutch

Hutch was adept at planning and organising robberies on premises and during cash deliveries. He was also an expert in laundering his ill-gotten gains and has gone into semi-retirement recently in Lanzarote. 

At home he owns a plush property in Clontarf and is believed to have investments in hotels and pubs across the country.



Noel 'Kingsize' Duggan

The country’s top cigarette smuggler has amassed a massive nest egg from flooding the black market with cut-price fags. He has been decades in the business and in 2002 handed over the keys of business premises in Dublin worth €5m to CAB. 

He is said to have smuggled everything from toilet rolls to bottles of knock-off booze, but is staunchly anti-drugs.



Tom McFeely

Nicknamed ‘the Bomber’, hunger striker McFeely is a devout IRA man turned developer who is famous for bad buildings like Priory Hall. 

Despite paying out €8m to CAB in 2006, he bought a €50k Bentley the next day.

He is bankrupt in Ireland, but Gardai believe he has squirrelled away millions – and in true IRA fashion he is suspected of having stashes hidden under floorboards.

Come back tomorrow for the final part where we reveal the Top 5!