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“The Pride of Dublin” shows of brutally savaged animals

DISGUSTING: Anthony Fitzgerald showing off dead animals
DISGUSTING: Anthony Fitzgerald showing off dead animals

In the ring he is dubbed ‘The Pride of Dublin’, but boxer Anthony Fitzgerald has never looked more puffed up than he does with the spoils of a night’s lamping.

With the bodies of six dead rabbits thrown over his shoulders he poses for the cameras holding aloft a fox that has been ripped apart by lurcher dogs.

Fitzgerald hasn’t had as much success in the ring and last year was knocked out by Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan, despite threatening beforehand to “punch and bate him from pillar to post”.

However, when it comes to setting his dogs on wild animals for entertainment, Fitzgerald is a true champion – and sees nothing wrong with showing off his kill online.

Lamping is a controversial blood ‘sport’ which is usually carried out at night because the chance of killing animals  is higher as they come out to eat.

Hunting with dogs in the U.K. has been made illegal, but has remained highly popular, with many of the attacks and kills filmed and posted on social media.

Fitzgerald, however, believes it is all a bit of “fun” and proudly took to his Facebook page this week to display his night’s work.

Fitzgerald insists: “If u don’t like it you know were the unfriend button is. It [the fox] kills the farmer’s sheep and his chickens.”

Even his wife Belinda weighs in, saying: “He’s disgusting… u wana see my car… it’s full of rabbit and fox body parts… It makes me sick.”

Gillian Bird, Education Officer with the Dublin Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals said: “Basically it is a blood sport. It is hunting for pleasure and not for food and we would condemn it.”

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports have been campaigning to agriculture minister for Simon Coveney to have lamping banned, but to no avail.

“It is becoming more and more common for people to display and to film the kills and then post them on to social media. It used to be something that is underground, but nowadays it is not. It is almost like it has become something for people to be proud of,” spokesperson Aideen Yourrell said.

Fitzgerald is signed to the MGM gym in Marbella, which is run by boxer Matthew Macklin and drug mob boss Daniel Kinahan.

Fitzgerald is believed to have been close to murdered Gary Hutch and was pictured attending his funeral after his murder in Spain earlier this year.

Fitzgerald was one of the few members of the MGM crew that attended the Mass.