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The often miserable lives of molls married to the mob

Rachel Mitchell
Rachel Mitchell

THEY are the women who have taken their seats at the top table of organised crime – the ladies who through perseverance and determination have earned a place beside the notorious mob bosses.

Theirs is a life of privilege and excess envied by many, but behind the glamour is a seedy underworld of death, betrayal and often loneliness.

Posing at a swimming pool edge in her villa high in the hills of Benahavis on Spain’s Costa del Sol, Georgina Corish is all smiles for the cameras.


Georgina Kinahan

But friends say that the wife of Christopher Kinahan Jnr is far from happy these days in her gilded cage far from home.

The mum of two left Dublin and her home in Rialto more than 10 years ago to follow her boyfriend Christopher Jnr to the south of Spain, where his father had built a drug empire to rival the Mafia’s.


Christy, Christopher and Georgina Kinahan

The couple had two children but Georgina was so lonely that her parents, Marie and Georgie, spent more and more time by her side in her sun-soaked luxury home.

Then came her sisters, who also made their home on the Costa, one of whom is believed to be close to Christopher Jnr’s brother Daniel.


Christopher and Georgina Kinahan

While the sisters love to dress up and sport their killer heels, sun-kissed tans and hair extensions – these days it is all for show. Friends say that Georgina has seen less and less of Christopher Jnr and finds herself alone in Spain with her children while he helps run his father’s business – in turmoil since the eruption of a war in Dublin.

The Corishes of Rialto have come a long way since they relied on the St Vincent de Paul for a holiday.

And the alliance between Georgina and Christopher Jnr has given them a life they could once only dream of.

Former council worker Georgina lives in a gated villa in the hills above San Pedro de Alcantara with a private pool overlooking the coast below.

But sometimes, friends say, she longs to be back in Rialto where she has friends on every street corner.

Georgina, and by association her sisters, reached the hallowed grounds of the Kinahan inner circle when she said “I do” to her husband at a plush ceremony in Ireland.

Her father-in-law used the occasion for a crime summit with international contacts. Since her big day, Georgina rarely returns home.

Instead, she whiles away her days on Peurto Banus’ private beaches and on excursions on private yachts on the Mediterranean.

However, friends say she dedicates most of her time to her children while Christopher Jnr has been drawn in further and further to the family business, spending long periods absent from home.

Many agree that life in Spain isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and often the women of the men of gangland pine for home.

One-time gangster’s moll Sonia Walsh got so fed up being away from her family when she lived in luxury with partner Peter ‘Fatso’ Mitchell on the south coast of Spain that she packed up and moved back to her childhood home in Dublin’s Greek Street flats.


Sonia Walsh

Others have forged careers for themselves within the many businesses the mob use as fronts for their drug, weapons and money-laundering operations.

A role within the business secures their position at their partner’s side – a position that is often threatened by scores of beautiful women who follow the money.

George ‘The Penguin’ Mitchell is known as a greedy workaholic who lives a meagre existence himself but who loves to spoil the women in his life – wife Rebecca Shannon, who is based in Amsterdam, his one-time secretary Khadija Bouchiba, who lived with him in Spain, and his three daughters – Rachel, Lisa and Jean.


Rachel Mitchell

The drug-dealer-turned-mobile-phone-mogul, who is now based in Germany, has lavished love and gifts on his princesses and particularly his daughters, who live between Amsterdam, Mar­bella and Dublin.

Of all his children, grandchil­dren and now great-grandchild, The Penguin has one favourite far and above all the rest.

He refers to Rachel as ‘the Boss’ and often looks for her counsel on business decisions.

Rachel Mitchell

Rachel was just 26 when she was wid­owed with two young children after her heroin-dealing husband was shot dead in front of her.

She and partner Derek ‘Maradona’ Dunne were living in Amsterdam with her dad when Dunne had a run-in with a rival gang from Liverpool in 2000.


Rachel Mitchell and Derek Dunne

When Rachel opened the door of their home, he was shot dead.

Their eldest child, Demi, was just six at the time and after the murder The Penguin became a father figure to her.

When Mitchell moved to Spain to share an apartment with his former secretary – a Dutch-Moroccan brunette – he left his wife behind in Amsterdam.

Although the relationship is not recognised by his family, it is understood that he is very generous to his lover and her extended family.

For 10 years he lived in Spain with Ms Bouchiba in a small two-bedroom apartment and drove a battered-up car before he packed up and moved to Traben Trarbach in Germany, where the Sunday World tracked him down and photographed him for the first time in 20 years.

Friends say he is obsessed with money and is paranoid his riches will be taken from him and he won’t be able to bequeath it to the women in his life.

His mammoth battle with the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) over a small portion of his wealth was testament to his strong feelings on his ill-gotten gains.

Rachel is based in Amsterdam, where she lives in a plush apartment, but is a regular visitor to Marbella, where she parties with other ex-pats linked to major criminals there.

Back home, the extended Byrne family women are a mob unto themselves, regularly socialising together and living in luxuries identified by the CAB as the proceeds of crime.


Sadie Byrne

Family matriarch Sadie Byrne rules the roost at home and is fiercely houseproud of her endof- terrace property at Raleigh Square in Dublin.

Sources say she is the powerhouse of the family, which has been identified as Ireland’s number one target in an organised crime crackdown of unprecedented proportions.

Despite living at the family home for almost five decades, the 70-year-old pensioner now faces losing her property to the CAB.

She has surrounded herself with her family.

Son Liam lives down the road, while daughter Maria lives next door in a bungalow built in the back garden of the house.

Her son David lived a stone’s throw across the road before he was shot dead at the Regency Hotel attack in Dublin last year.

All the partners of the boys and their close circle of friends and cousins grew up together around the Crumlin area of Dublin.

Anita Freeman, the girlfriend of Liam’s business partner Sean McGovern, was among the molls named in court as CAB targets.

The blonde was one of three women who witnessed Brian Rattigan kill Declan Gavin outside Abrakebabra at the Crumlin Shopping Centre a decade ago – the murder that led to the infamous Crumlin-Drimnagh feud.

But the brutal murder didn’t put her off a life with the mob and she and McGovern have pimped up their house at Windmill Road, which is now in the sights of the CAB.

She is a close friend of Simoan McEnroe and Kelly Quinn – the partners of Liam Byrne and murdered David Byrne.

The women regularly dress up for nights out with friends and family and often pull out all the stops, hiring make-up artists and hairdressers.

Simoan grew up the hard way but nowadays the brunette from Crumlin enjoys flash cars and regular sun holidays. She lavishes gifts on her children, but she too now faces an end to the party with the CAB listing her in court as one of their targets.


Simoan McEnroe and Liam Byrne

Friends say that Simoan loves to be seen to spend money just as much as her husband Liam, who was the number one target in a €100m crackdown on organised crime by the Gardai.

The pair have extended their home to fill the entire back garden, complete with a rooftop playground, a Jacuzzi and an indoor panic room.

Last week her husband Liam tried to gag the press by having all proceedings against him held behind closed doors.

But the High Court refused the application and cleared the way for the CAB to sell assets already seized from the extended family, including cars and designer jewellery. Joanne Byrne, sister of Liam and David, has also come under the radar of the CAB.

She is married to Thomas ‘Bomber’ Kavanagh – known as the family Godfather – and lives in Tamworth in Birmingham in a mansion fit for a Premier League footballer.

She hosted an all-expenses- paid trip to Las Vegas for more than 20 of her gal-pals when she turned 40.