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The Joy to reveal how drugs and contraband are smuggled into prison

An individual is seen throwing drugs into the prison yard
An individual is seen throwing drugs into the prison yard

Tonight's The Joy is set to broadcast footage of how inmates are getting drugs into the prison.

CCTV footage to be featured on tonight's installment captures various methods of smuggling contraband into Mountjoy, including audacious attempts to throw drugs over the wall into the yard.

Another such clip shows a visitor passing a small package to a prisoner during an intimate moment. She is spotted by wardens and is detained at the prison as guards check CCTV footage of the incident. 

Challenged by guards who have witnessed a pass, the visitor launches into a foul tirade at prison staff and accuses them of singling her out repeatedly.

“This happened to me on Friday here too… It’s a pain in my ****. I’m straight. I’ve done nothing. I’ll smash that camera I will,” she yells as she is lead away.

Another clip from this evening’s episode shows a person throwing a parcel of drugs over the prison walls and into the yard, where it is lifted by a prisoner and quickly spirited away.

An officer looking at the scene says the prisoner will most likely, “put [the drugs] up his rear passage.

“He’ll 'cheek' it for later and then distribute it when no guards are about.”

Also featured tonight is an incident which guards say could've turned "very nasty". 

The clip shows what happened as one prisoner takes the handle from a brush being used to clean the prison floor before using it to attack an officerAs that prisoner is restrained by officers, another prisoner throws the head of the brush at the officers, striking one on the head.

Commenting on the incident while observing the altercation on CCTV footage, Chief Officer Niall Swift said: “He [the first prisoner] takes the brush off the cleaner on the landing and immediately goes at staff.

It could have developed, it’s just that other prisoners didn’t get involved even though the first prisoner, that started the whole incident, was calling for other prisoners to get involved. It could have turned very nasty very quick.”

The full programme will be shown on TV at 10pm on Monday night.