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THE GRAHAM DWYER TRIAL: Darci Day says Dwyer wanted to 'slit her throat'

Darci Day
Darci Day

The doe eyed blonde American leaned forward into the microphone and confirmed that she could hear the proceedings taking place in Court 13 in Dublin’s Central Criminal Court.

Nervously leafing through the large bible in front of her on the table she politely confirmed her name was Darci Day, that she was from Maine on the north east coast of America and gave a brief detail of her background.

Her parents had separated when she was just a child, she said, and what had followed was a dysfunctional childhood marked by depression, sexual abuse and a struggle with self harm and suicide.

When she was 12 her grandmother – the main parental figure in her life – had died but four years ago she had a ‘turning point’ and had devoted her life to God.

What followed was extraordinary evidence that defied the small and tragic figure on the video link who regularly struggled to keep her composure in a sensational hour of evidence in the trial of architect Graham Dwyer.

He denies murdering Elaine O’Hara at Killakee in Rathfarnham on August 22, 2012.

Darci Day knew Graham Dwyer, she told the court. She had met him on a fetish internet site which she had signed onto under the name Cassie, she said.

On video link she told a hushed courtroom that he wanted to ‘slit her throat’ and had discussed her deepest darkest fantasies with him which centred on her own death.

“A lot of discussion was centred on fantasies. I unloaded a lot of stuff on him….how I felt I had failed my family. I discussed ending my life…. I needed someone to talk to and he was there. He offered me a solution,” she said.

Her fantasies were mainly ‘rape and murder’ she admitted and she recalled swapping videos involving strangulation and murder as well as pictures and diagrams ‘where all the arteries are and stuff.’

Amidst their dark communication was normality. She told the court she knew that Graham Dwyer had a wife and that he liked planes.

But she also told Sean Guerin SC for the Prosecution that she knew of ‘Elaine O’Hara and knew that he and Elaine had an ‘intimate relationship.

“He told me she was similar to me and that she was suicidal,” she said. Under questioning she said that Dwyer told her that he ‘used to cut’ Elaine in ‘the stomach area and stuff.’ And she added that it was a mutual and sexual thing they did involving bondage.

“He told you she was like you?” asked Guerin SC.

“..That she had asked him, I believe, to kill her in the past,” she said.

Becoming increasingly upset as her testimony continued, Ms Day, told the court that Mr Dwyer’s specific fantasy was ‘basically wanting to stab a woman to death during sex.’

“He basically wanted to go after her… and then go after me,” she said.

The following day Judge Tony Hunt took an unprecedented to clear the courtroom of the public but allowed journalists to remain.

What followed was the graphic details of a document that the prosecution claim Dwyer wrote called Killing Darci.

“MONTHS had gone by and soon the day would finally arrive.

"From the first email I knew this one was special. I had always fantasised about killing ever since I was a teenager and I got hard every time I had a knife in my hand, wielding the power, knowing that I could decide who lived and died, just like my hero, God.

"Every time I made love, every time I would come, I wondered what opening a throat would feel like” Sean Guerin read to the jury.

In the disturbing document he continued: “Having been responsible for creating three lives, wasn’t I entitled to take just one?”
And the prosecution allege he wrote: “When she first came into my life I knew her only as Cassie. I would later on learn the significance of this name and make me fall deeper in love with her.

“Ticked all the boxes; beautiful, young. Smart and clear about she wanted and critically wanted to die the same way I wanted to kill. It was a rare marriage indeed.

“For weeks we shared videos, images and worked out the details of how she’d come to me and die in my care and my responsibility.”

The document continued with ‘Cassie’ travelling to Ireland where she was met at the airport by the author.

“We prepared everything in the greatest detail like watching a movie we had written and directed. She had a meal that would never leave her body. She tasted her last favourite food and had her favourite drink.

“We were nervous and excited but placid. I gave her every opportunity to turn around. She even had a return ticket. But this is what she wanted. She played with my knife stroking her skin with it. And I used her computer to wipe our accounts.”

In the increasingly disturbing account Guerin told the hushed courtroom that Dwyer had written about graphic details of stabbing ‘cassie’ after they had shared a last meal together.

“For the last time we embraced, kissed passionately and made love, in contrast to the brutal rape she would endure and worse shortly. She was so beautiful and perfect. She turned her back to me when we finished and I put on my mask and gloves.

“She couldn’t hear what I was doing. I could hear her fear. I grabbed her arm roughly, she didn’t resist. I tied her roughly on a mattress on the ground which was lying on plastic. She knew this mattress would be her coffin and rubbed her cheek on it as she squirmed……She was lying on her back all beautiful and sexy her arms laid out. I sliced her bra open from the middle and marvelled at her magnificent tits.
“I sat on her thigh.

"I would kill her harder if she fought back and she started her last fight. I entered her roughly, she was hot and wet with excitement and tightened as I raped her and my knuckled whitened as I tightened the grip around the knife in my left hand.

“She closed her eye and I sank the knife deep into her belly two inches above her belly button. We both looked at it blood gurgling u but – my **** throbbing harder with the thrusting of the knife. I withdrew the knife from her belly….

“Her skin followed with a bloody slurping sound. A most beautiful perfect oval stab wound. I stabbed her again harder and again and again. She gasps each time almost in relief as the knife went in and out of her perfect body and her life blood flowed down her sides.”

For a second day on Friday, Judge Hunt told the jury the evidence they were due to hear was going to be disturbing. The a document entitled, Jenny’s First Rape, found on a hard drive in the architect’s home featured a five-second video clip with rape in the title. The woman featured in the video could be heard crying.

Seán Guerin SC, prosecuting, read out the document, which was written in the first person: “Dressed respectably in my casual clothes, no-one would suspect what was on my mind: rape,” he wrote.