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"The Butcher's" €100k hit-list revealed

TARGET: Keith Murtagh
TARGET: Keith Murtagh

The Kinahan cartel is believed to have brought in notorious international criminal, Imre “The Butcher” Arakas, to oversee five tactical hits.

According to reports in today’s Irish Star, Arakas was paid €100k to run a “knight of the long knives” style attack on key Hutch gang targets.

Imre Arakas

It is believed that the cartel, with the aid of micro tracking devices, has been able to establish the whereabouts of chief players in the Hutch gang.

According to reports in today’s Star, Arakas was paid €100,000 to oversee hits on:

James Gately 


Patsy Hutch


Ross Hutch


Jonathan Hutch


Keith Murtagh

Arakas was arrested by gardai at the home of convicted drug dealer Stephen Fowler (57), who was recently released from jail.

Gardai sprang into action when they became aware that he was in Dublin after the criminal texted a senior cartel member in Spain asking him about weaponry.

A phone was seized following his arrest.

A senior source said: “This man had written details of Hutch associates and specific information about their movements obtained from spotters and possibly tracker devices. He also had a number of disguises.

Arakas and Fowler can be held for questioning for up to seven days.