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Terrier sex woman told not to do it again

Gwen Kerr (Pic: South West News Service SWNS)
Gwen Kerr (Pic: South West News Service SWNS)

A woman who had sex with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Tank has been told by a court in Leeds, UK, not to do it again.

Gwen Kerr (55) had sex with Tank after she was encouraged by her boyfriend Michael Smith (64).

Smith recorded the depraved rendezvous and brought the footage to social services, claiming he was concerned for her.

Kerr admitted having sex with an animal and Smith was found guilty by a jury of aiding and abetting her and also of possessing an extreme pornographic image.

“I’m quite satisfied, Michael Smith, that you were the organiser and root cause of this particular offending,” said Judge James Spencer.

“You used and abused your friend Gwen Kerr to be the object of this sexual activity so you must bear the principal blame.”

The judge handed Smith a 12 month suspended sentence and gave Kerr a conditional discharge for 12 months, telling her: “Don’t do it again.”