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Stepson killer Dave hospitalised following health scare

Dave Mahon and Audrey Fitzpatrick
Dave Mahon and Audrey Fitzpatrick

Dave Mahon, who killed his 23-year-old stepson Dean Fitzpatrick, was taken from his prison cell to hospital following a health scare.

46-year-old Mahon, who is serving seven-years for the knife killing, was taken to St James’ Hospital in Dublin for tests.

According to reports in today’s Irish Daily Star, his wife Audrey was furious that she wasn’t informed about her husband’s hospital visit.


“At four o’clock this evening I got a phone call from my husband to say there were photographers outside the hospital.

“He didn’t even know he was going there until that morning and his family knew nothing, yet somehow these photographers found out he was going to be there.

“I’m furious that not only me but his father and other family members were never informed he was going into hospital. I’m really upset about it.”

According to Audrey, Mahon only went to the hospital for routine tests.

In 2016 Mahon was found guilty of knifing Audrey’s son Dean to death and was sentenced to seven-years for manslaughter.

Audrey’s other child, Amy Fitzpatrick, disappeared in Spain in 2008 and remains missing.