May 26th, 2016
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Sicko back for Moore: sex beast accosts young mum after boozy day in the sun

Crime DeskBy Niall Donald
Dangerous: Moore is seen approaching unsuspecting woman
Dangerous: Moore is seen approaching unsuspecting woman
Moore was spotted on a drinking session
Moore was spotted on a drinking session
Pervert: chatting to a passer-by
Pervert: chatting to a passer-by
Our man confronts rapist Moore
Our man confronts rapist Moore

SERIAL rapist Paul Moore is seen accosting a young mother on Grafton Street, Dublin, as he enjoys a boozy day out in the sun – in breach of his release conditions.

The notorious sex beast was seen stopping random women and attempting to chat them up on an early morning drinking session after collecting his dole on Thursday.
Despite being banned from alcohol, under threat of imprisonment, Moore has been using the good weather to mingle with unsuspecting women in city centre pubs.
Gardai have also received reports that he has been seen hassling street-walking prostitutes in the evenings in a well-known red light district.
The 46-year-old is one of Ireland’s most infamous rapists and has three separate convictions for sickening sex attacks.
In 2001, he forced a terrified lesbian to sign a note saying she consented to having sex after brutally raping her in his apartment in Mountjoy Square, Dublin.
Moore is regarded as such a serious threat to women that he was banned from drinking on his release from Arbour Hill Prison in 2011.
However, sicko Moore has shown his continued scorn for the law by regularly getting drunk and hassling women. 
Last year he was given a three-month sentence after he was hauled back before the courts by the Probation Service after he was caught buying cans in an off licence.
However, the prison term was suspended on appeal in January after Moore agreed to enter into a new bond to stay away from alcohol and comply with all directions of the probation services.
But as these exclusive photographs show, Moore is ignoring his own pledge and is spending his days downing pints in pubs.
During a five-hour surveillance operation on Thursday, the Sunday World observed Moore repeatedly stopping random women and engaging them in conversation.
The convicted rapist left his home in the north inner city just after 10.20am and got a bus into O’Connell Street.
After getting off the bus, Moore proceeded to randomly approach more than 12 women in the space of half an hour.
On one occasion, he even pushed a young woman in a wheelchair across the street.
Just after 11am, Moore entered a popular city centre pub just off Grafton St, where he stayed for over two hours.
When he left, looking far less steady on his feet, he moved on to Grafton St where accosted a number of woman.
A source told the Sunday World that Moore has become an increasing concern for gardai since a relationship he was in recently came to an end.
“The gardai have warned prostitutes to be on the lookout for Moore,” said our source.
Last year, Moore walked out of court despite an application by a senior probation officer to have him locked up – after he repeatedly broke the strict conditions of his release.
Moore has been previously ordered by the courts to stay away from alcohol. Gardai believe that if he drinks he will lose control and attack again.
Moore was given a three-month sentence last year after his probation officer told Dublin District Court that Moore had being spotted buying beer and was also in a pub.
Part of the evidence against Moore included his attendance at a Neil Diamond concert – which the Sunday World exclusively highlighted. Detectives saw him grope unsuspecting women at the gig. 
In 2003, Moore was jailed for the rape of a lesbian musician but this was increased to 10 years by the Court of Criminal Appeal due to the “terrifying amount of violence” Moore inflicted.
At the time of the sick rape in 2001, Moore was only just out of prison having served seven years for a brutal oral rape in Drimnagh, South Dublin.
Moore also has also served a one-year sentence for an indecent assault and a two-and-a-half-year sentence from the Central Criminal Court.