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Shooting victim may have been blasted in Hutch revenge attack

Gareth Hutch
Gareth Hutch

Yesterday's shooting victim, Christopher Maguire, may have been gunned down in revenge for the murder of Gareth Hutch.

The 38-year-old was gunned down yesterday outside his home in the Dun Emer estate in Lusk, north Dublin, around 9.50am.

He was shot in the face, neck, arm, abdomen and chest during the incident.

A woman with two young children was the first to come across the horrific scene.

It is understood that despite his serious injuries the victim was conscious when emergency services arrived.

He was rushed to Beaumont Hospital in Dublin where his condition is described as critical.

A VW Golf was seen leaving the area and was discovered burnt out at Kilhedge Lane, Lusk a short time later.

Sources said a handgun and silencer were found in the vehicle.

Gardai are investigating whether he was shot because of alleged links to a republican bomber who is the chief suspect in the killing of Gareth Hutch, who was murdered outside his home in May.

However, Maguire was not thought to be involved in the Hutch – Kinahan feud.

A second theory is that he was shot by the INLA over fears that he went to gardai about a suspected extortion racket.

The victim is an associate of Declan ‘Whacker’ Duffy and is due to stand trial for a tiger kidnapping.